Microsoft Annocnces Xbox 360 external HD DVD

During his CES keynote speech yesterday Gates announced that MS would be shipping an HD-DVD external add-on box in 2006. Now, the press release does not state if the box will be used to play games in the future, but I doubt it. History has shown that add-ons like the Sega 32x for instance or Sega CD tend to hurt the success of a console. What, you do when your release such a device is to split your user base into two groups. Those who have the add-on and can play the games that require it and the people that do not have add on and cannot play. My guess is they external drive will only be used for Movies and other media that will be released on HD-DVD format. Basically, the Xbox 360 would work like any other HD-DVD player that you could buy of the shelf. I honestly don’t think PS3 having an internal high capacity DVD drive built in (in their case Blu Ray the last I heard) will make any impact in the console wars. Even the biggest RPG’s can fit on one or two DVDs and swapping is very infrequent.

Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Building on Xbox 360 leadership in high-definition experiences, the company announced plans to deliver a new Xbox 360 external HD DVD drive in 2006. The new drive will offer millions of Xbox 360 owners the ability to easily enjoy HD DVD movies and will provide consumers with even more choices for experiencing high-definition content, in either physical or digital form.

MS Press Release
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3:22 PM

Yeah and oblivion will only be 5+ DVD's, would like to play that game on xbox360    

3:23 PM

opps wouldn't    

4:20 PM

So it's an HD DVD add-on? As is the Toshiba branded format, as opposed to the Sony backed Blu Ray? This was the strategy some predicted last year when it was known the PS3 would use Blu Ray (being a HD DVD player as well as a next gen game system). Basically they figured the reason why the PS2 did so well was because it was a DVD player as well as a game system. Of course by backing the other horse, the consumer is going to get f&^#ed over by competing formats. As for gaming, there's no reason why you would need the extra space if you ask me, but what do I know. I'm going for a bloody revolution, and I'll just wait for a fairly priced Blu Ray burner for my mac.    

11:15 PM

lol biggest rpgs can fit on 1-2 dvds... lets ignore the fact that games/rpgs COULD be longer, games/rpgs COULD have more voicing/music/sound, games /rpgs COULD be better graphics and games COULD have tons of extra features.    

11:58 PM

another blog geek, jesus christ.    

1:06 PM

Hmm small capacity dvd vs 50 gb (blue ray) or 25 gb (hddvd)? lets just say microsoft f***ed this one up again. so many consumers are waiting for the ps3 not only for the amazing graphics and other hardware already demo'ed, but also because it does have that Blu-ray disc drive. And lets not forget that the ps3 is built to be HiDef, and video at that quality can get very big, so yea the Blu-Ray was a smart choice. besides, who playes xbox for anything besides halo? lol    

1:58 PM

LoL true, but i'm getting a revolution. It's the only one who isn't trying to be a pc, but just itself.    

12:39 PM

lol. actually all the newer games will require more space for the different texture files, imagemaps, and game data. so having bluray will make sure game developers dont run out of space and get stuck with making a mediocore game because they had to format everything to fit on a smaller disc size..    

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