Ebaumsworld Vs. The Rest of the Internet

Monday, January 09, 2006

Well, it was only a matter of time but you can’t ignore the virtual mushroom clouds on the horizon. Eric Bauman’s Ebaumsworld.com is being systematically blasted off the internet. His crime? The fact that he has time and time again swiped other people’s work and slapped his personal watermark in order to pass it off as his own. Ebaumsworld.com (in case you didn’t know) is long running website that has hosted some of the best viral videos, flash animations and the funniest pictures the web has ever known. The problem is that Eric has been less then honest at times about the sources his content and completely ignored content creators who have asked him to either remove his watermark or take down their creations.

The straw the broke the camels back was when ebaumsworld.com posted this oddly hypnotic animation of Lindsey Lohan. Originally created for the awesome site YTMND.com. After ebaumsworld ignored the requests to have, the content removed an all out ping war broke out. With not only the ytmnd.com community throwing in but also the large and tight knit communities from somethingawful.com and newgrounds.com (both groups have already had run ins with Eric before hand) throwing down to. The end result, was a total denial of service on the embaumswrold.com forums and a massive performance slowdown on the entire ebaumsworld.com website.

I for one hope the Bauman will pull his head out of his exhaust port and changes the way he gathers new content for his site. With all of the traffic he has enjoyed over the years you would think his site makes enough money (and god knows it has enough ads on it) to hire some talented animators and start making their own stuff.


Google Videos To Add Pay Per Download Content

Friday, January 06, 2006

It seems Google is moving in on iTunes turf with their own content on demand (and for small fee) service. Later today a deal with CBS and the NBA will be announced. There is no word yet on the cost per download or the extent of what you can do with your purchased media. I have to admit that I was at first skeptical of the concept of paying for TV shows when apple first started offering it. But damn it if I have not spent at least 30 bucks on episodes of Lost (what the hell is up with that island anyways).

Is anyone else out there starting to feel like Google is becoming very “borg” like? It seems that they have their fingers in everything these days. How much longer until they hit critical mass I wonder?


MS releases WMF patch early

Thursday, January 05, 2006
I guess the screaming users and the 3rd party patches popping up everywhere got to them. It was not supposed to be out until Tuesday but here it is

Security Update for Windows XP (KB912919)

Microsoft Annocnces Xbox 360 external HD DVD

During his CES keynote speech yesterday Gates announced that MS would be shipping an HD-DVD external add-on box in 2006. Now, the press release does not state if the box will be used to play games in the future, but I doubt it. History has shown that add-ons like the Sega 32x for instance or Sega CD tend to hurt the success of a console. What, you do when your release such a device is to split your user base into two groups. Those who have the add-on and can play the games that require it and the people that do not have add on and cannot play. My guess is they external drive will only be used for Movies and other media that will be released on HD-DVD format. Basically, the Xbox 360 would work like any other HD-DVD player that you could buy of the shelf. I honestly don’t think PS3 having an internal high capacity DVD drive built in (in their case Blu Ray the last I heard) will make any impact in the console wars. Even the biggest RPG’s can fit on one or two DVDs and swapping is very infrequent.

Below is an excerpt from the press release:

Building on Xbox 360 leadership in high-definition experiences, the company announced plans to deliver a new Xbox 360 external HD DVD drive in 2006. The new drive will offer millions of Xbox 360 owners the ability to easily enjoy HD DVD movies and will provide consumers with even more choices for experiencing high-definition content, in either physical or digital form.

MS Press Release