Side by side comparison Kevin Rose vs Chris Prillo

Sunday, December 18, 2005
Both of these guys are (in case you didn't know) former hosts on Tech TV. Both have founded and maintained popular web sites and tech news portals. But in my mind that's were the similarity’s end. In fact I have found that when I meet new techie type people that one of the quickest ways to size them up is to ask them who they prefer. The reason this works is because these two personalities represent opposite ends to the technology spectrum.

Chiris Pirillo represents the extremely nerdy end (not that there is anything wrong with that) he is the kind of guy that was a proud member of his high school's AV club. He is helpful, cheerful, clean cut and way over caffeinated (remember his attempt at the 24 hour call for help-a-thon?).

Now Kevin rose on the other hand represents the bad boy, grey hat, computers can be sexy end of the spectrum. He is like the guy from High School who hung out with skaters and punks and was the go to guy when a garage band needed a website. He's the kind of guy who would be happy to show you how to bypass the schools web filters. And, when a website appeared out of no where with embarrassing pictures of the Vice Principal on it, a guy like Kevin would be the prime suspect.

So, what could cause such a drastic difference in the way two guys with similar interests and backgrounds would be perceived by their peers? Well my guess is just a couple of years time is all really. According to Wikipedia, Pirillo was born in 1973 and Rose in 1977, at first glace 4 years might not seem like a lot, but if you think about in the terms that Pirillo would have graduated High School in 90 and Rose in 95 you might start to see what I am getting at. In 90 computers were not for the mainstream there was no internet, no instant messenger, no Napster and very little porn. In 95 things were changing fast, suddenly it was cool to be know about PCs. Being able to edit HTML and throw up a website was a skill to be admired not ridiculed. I mean today if you don't have a Myspace site, a blog and a fliker account you are on the outside. So with out further ado, I present my side by side comparison and after that there will be a chance for you to vote.

Chris Prillo

Drinks Coffee (lots of it)

Formed Lockergnome

Told people not to steal music

Labeled as a blog princess for allegedly throwing a fit at a convetion when required to show ID

Chris Pirillo: Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing (Yeah that really took off)

Has been know to whore himself out for software like Incredimail

Owns websites that have been filled to the gills with ads and generally look…spammy

Fired from TechTV

His podcast is sometimes on the top 100 in iTunes

Most embarrassing moment on TechTV: Total mental breakdown 8 hours into an attempt at a 24 hour call-a-thon

Kevin Rose

Enjoys many types of tea

Started (one the fastest growing websites on the internet)

Showed people how to download music and lots of other stuff too.

He has a very well done blog, with minimal ads and good information (although he rarely posts now in the age of Digg)
Core member of TWiT

Most embarrassing moment on TechTV: Accidentally showing a porn site on a live broadcast

The Dark tips (remember how cool they where?)

Kevin Rose vs Chris Prillo
Kevin Rose
Chris Prillo

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Free (and working) Anti-virus and Spyware blocker from the big MS

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Microsoft has released a beta of its Windows Live Safety Center. According to the webpage it has the following functions

  • Check for and remove viruses
  • Learn about threats
  • Improve your PC's performance
  • Get rid of junk on your hard disk
The “Live” moniker means the application is installed online, which raises some issues right off the bat. If you were to choose this as your sole means of virus protection you would have to install your OS, connect to the Internet and then install your AV. This, would be a really piss poor approach since you will be on the Internet (at least for a little while) with no AV. Still, since it’s free it might be useful when your Mom asks you if she needs anti-virus or something.

I took it for a spin on one of my test rigs and I found installation was very easy (your Mom might not even need your help) and took just a couple of minutes. Then I decided it might be a good idea to see if to works or not, so I pointed my browser at some scumware tainted sites (mostly serial key type sites you know the ones). I even clicked yes when an “install me” popup came up and you know what Safety Center did stop me. Afterwards, I ran another spyware (ad-aware) checker and I was still clean.
I then shutdown all of my firewalls and left it sitting, on my broadband connection for about an hour, usually I would at least see one worm attack with in 10 mins doing this. After about an hour I was still clean.
So big, points to MS for making something that actually works at protecting your PC. However, this hardly makes up for making an OS that’s like Swiss cheese and needs 10 different applications just to keep it somewhat safe. I hope that they continue improving this beta and slipstream it into future operating systems. Moreover, damn them if the decide to charge for it, which would be to low even for them.

Please keep in mind, these are very limited tests, I am by no means giving this a rubber stamp. I will keep using it on the test box and see what happens. In addition, I am sniffing packets for unusual traffic (like a worm that is Security Center may have missed) I will update if anything changes.