Possible root cause of Xbox 360’s echoing issues

If you are one of the few, the proud and the patient (or well connected) lucky souls to have already got your hands on a Xbox 360, you have probably already run into the nasty little echo problem that has been occurring during voice chat on Xbox live. If you have not seen (or heard rather) let me tell you it can be very distracting. It can be so bad actually, that you will find your self removing the hear piece and checking your ear for bleeding. Okay that last sentence was a bit overblown. But it can get really bad. I decided to do some basic trouble shooting and see if could nail down the root cause of the issue. With the help of some buddies online I think I have it figured out. Turns out it is most likely caused by Microsoft’s own wireless adapter. This conclusion was reached pretty quickly; one of the people helping me test this was using the add-on. Every time he joined the game the echo started and whenever he popped out the echo went with him. Then we had him connect his Xbox with a LAN cable and when he joined a game there was no echo. He stated that his wireless router was well with in range and his laptop (also on the wireless network) was showing no issues at all. Of course this is by no means a scientific test, but the evidence is pretty compelling. If this is the cause of the issue what is MS going to do to fix it? I can only guess that the issue stems from the way the wireless adapter handles VOIP packets. If so, well it require a software patch or will a firmware update be necessary. Either way, the echo is unacceptable and sort of surprising that it even exists. Up until now I have only had good things to say about Xbox live, let’s hope this gets fixed quickly.
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8:07 AM

To make this test even more accurate you should try and get people to check the MS wireless adaptor with different kinds of wireless routers.    

2:14 PM

I can see that it could be the wireless adapter. I have a wireless adapter for one of my computers. Right next to it are a pair of simple speakers. When ever I'm doing anything involving network connectivity, the speakers will make popping noises that can become quite annoying. Good luck with this one guys, dunno how you can fix it other than just getting a wired connection.    

2:52 PM

I believe this deduction may be in error. It may very well be that some people are running their voices through their tv speakers or audio systems. Therefore the audio creates a delayed, degrading loop as you would get from running a microphone through a processor. Musicians you should understand this. The sound is spoken, they then transmitted over the speakers where (when the tv volume is up high enough)it is again picked up by the live microphone again, at a diminished level. Keep cycling till it dies out. (So turn off the switch for the voices over speakers and just use the headset)    

8:16 PM

you believe wrong the loop is just outside voices transmitted through the headset. i can say this with certainty because i'm an avid xbox live user. this echo also exists in the first xbox but it is contained to the microphone jack. quite simply if the jack wasn't pushed in far enough (much like those 3.5mm jacks for headphones will only have one earpiece working) the mic echos. i've been on the 360 for a few days and those room with echos i'll simply just yell 'plug that fucking mic in' and sometimes (the guys who take good advice ;D this removes the echo. i'm not certain with this because i haven't been too annoyed with the problem yet, but it seems logical.

i also know with these headsets that are supplied, its a little tough to push the mic fully into the jack, so i can see someone being too delicate with the 'holy 360'    

11:44 PM

It is simply the feedback. The Mic. is picking up the audio somehow throught the headset. And the problem with some third party headsets the microphone can be very sensative, sometimes more than otheres. The only way to solve this is to make some kind of mod where you can ad a volume or mute button adapter. I'm hoping someone will just make an adapter that we can purchase. I don't want to do all that soddering stuff.    

2:57 AM

using a lan connection and the microsoft headset. im giving off an echo. im gonna try pushing it in farther.    

12:43 PM

I have the wireless connector and i also cause echo problems. So you may be correct. Pretty poor from Sony if this is the case.    

8:25 PM

Wireless latency and packet fragmentation could certainly cause this.    

8:03 AM

Regarding the comments about "feedback" and the sound echoing because it's coming out of the TV speakers....

Not the case. My voice does not come out of the TV speakers so there's no way for it to create a feedback loop and to echo.    

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