How to keep your Xbox 360 from crashing

I swear to god this is my last 360 post for awhile but, it seems the source of new platforms crashing issues are due to overheating in its gigantic power supply. A couple of people have emailed me stating that once they elevated their power supply off the carpet the crashing stopped. As a side note, for gods sake never put any video game systems on the carpet, thats just asking for trouble.

Update: Looks like other websites are reporting the same thing. Over at Nforcerhq, they have some testimonials and some creative workarounds.

Like this one:
"Goldeneyemaster - My 360 was crashing a lot (like once every 20 minutes). So I took the power supply off the ground and suspended it in the air with some string. I have been playing for about 3 hours straight and no crashes so far!"

Another Update: You know it's not every day someone drops an internet gem in your comments like this one
"my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows"

Whoever wrote that one, thanks man you make blogging worthwhile...idiot.

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8:01 PM

only stupid ppl leave it on the carpet..its just begging to be crashing if u put it there    

8:03 PM


8:13 PM

Hey buddy no reason to get excited over Microsoft I bet you your computer is Microsoft too.    

8:15 PM

A computer can't "be" Microsoft.    

8:19 PM

no, but the operating system probably is , you is too damn big for you not to own/use something of theirs    

8:33 PM

my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows    

8:44 PM

Please, tell me you are joking.    

8:50 PM

"my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows"

That's funny sh!t. I almost fell of my chair.    

8:52 PM

LoL people are so uptight, who cares if he/she said microsoft instead of windows, thats like saying 'I have a parker', then saying, no, you have a pen.

Everyone argues over dumb shit like this, I guess i cant blame em though, geeks can only grow their ego on internet arguments, or there'd be a lot more suicides in the world.


9:02 PM

Hello, my company distributes power supplies wholesale and may be able to help with this problem for many people.

could somoeone email me the specs for the XBOX 360's external brick - what kind of output volts DC and amps and also what kind of interface is uses to connect to the 360 - like a barrel connector or a 5 pin minidin.

any info is greatly appreciated:

jdorward @ gmail . com    

9:18 PM

Dumb Microsoft if they Had incorprate the power Suplly inside the macine with a fan like all computer power supplies had they wouldnt had a problem    

9:34 PM

Actually, they would probably have had even more trouble, with the power supply also heating the system's internals. Also, placing it inside another box, even with a fan, does not promote good ventilation. And the box would be just as damn big as the old xbox. Yes. They messed up, shipping out faulty units. They will surely replace them. Chillax!    

10:03 PM


I still havent gotten over the "my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows"    

10:29 PM

O M G .....that's a stupid line. BUT anyhow, no video game system should have troubles overheating no matter the location (unless ofcourse it's locked inside some safe or something extreme like that). They should be planned to be stable and safe anywhere around the house. Overheating because it's on the floor it's a huge mistake on their side. You can't build something expecting it to be outdoors nor close to a window for it not to overheat. BIG mistake for microsoft. Should spend more time researching and less time selling. Besides If they let a mistake as simple as proper cooling get by them. GOD knows what other things are just waiting to fail on the XboX. Ok that's all. Here's Lea saying good fight, and good night (stupid joke I know)    

10:54 PM

Hopefully it'll be as easy to mod it with a bios chip as it is to overheat it. Can't wait to start torrenting xbox 360 games!    

11:39 PM

"my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows" What a dumass!!!!!!    

12:02 AM

OMG the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.If ignorance were painfull, we'd have an entire world of morphine addicts. First of all, to all the idiots that just want to bash Bill Gates because of a few people having system crash issues with windows, or either xbox unit....Bill Gates did not sit at a desk programming and building every single Microsoft product in circulation!!...In fact he's just the figure head for the company. He's the CEO, and therefore also has a board of directors, investors, and shareholders in seats of power and authority with him. If you buy a 360, he does not have $399 instantly deposited into his bank account! In fact the company LOSES money because they are selling for less than production costs. They do this to get as many systems as possible out there so that more people buy the games and accessories, which is where they finally make a profit. (after of course factories,warehouses,frieght carriers,& retailers all take a slice of the pie)Stop bitching about Bill Gates robbing you. It's a God damn video game system, not a house or car.It's a luxury item. I agree that customers have a right to expect quality for their money, but it's also an electronic device which is always at risk of certain bugs and glitches. My brand new $300 dvd player stop working in less than a year, should I scream bloody murder about Toshiba? I have gone through not 1, but 2 Playstation 2's thanks to the dreaded "disk read error", should I warn the world of Sony's heinous acts of consumer terrorism?? And I have read numerous posts citing Nintendo's "best built" systems by the minions of nintendo fan boys, yet how quickly they forget about the NES systems uncanny "blinking power light, and garbled picture" problems merely months after purchase which led a generation of kids to adopt the famous "blow in the cartridge" solution. Also, as for the comment about the overheating and cooling fan issues, look back 5 years ago at the PS2's first launch problems. If memory serves me correctly the shortage of systems in stores then was just as bad and drove ebay sales up to $1000 per system that christmas. People just love talking shit about Xbox but never want to admit Sony faced the same issues. Here's a novel idea for you, jump off the bandwagon...think logically before spewing pointless banter on the internet...and for God's sakes, stop whining about every little thing that makes you unhappy in life. You don't live in Mr. Rogers neighborhood, and life isn't fair or perfect. Get over it!


12:19 AM

Mabye those of you who are complaining will learn not to jump on new technologies just because the marketing tells you to.    

12:21 AM

Last I checked. Dumb ass was two words and spelled with a "b" in the middle. Learn to spell before you start calling people names.    

12:27 AM

"OMG the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.If ignorance were painfull, we'd have an entire world of morphine addicts. First of all, to all the idiots that just want to bash Bill Gates because of a few people having system crash issues with windows, or either xbox unit...."

....isn't it "painful" ? Talk about a bit of stupidity.    

12:31 AM

For the guys bashing Microsoft and Windows. My G5 crashes more than my PC. The power is seriously lacking on that G5 as well. No REAL products are readily available on other operating systems. Given the choice I'd roll with Linux, but the sad reality is you can't do shit with it. If Macintosh's were so much better, why does EVERYONE I know with an apple have the PC cloning application running with windows. Microsoft owns the market, everyone knows that. If it says Microsoft on it people buy it. As for those damn XBox 360s.... Spend the 400 upgrading your computer and buy a contoller to usb port from radioshack then plug your XBox contoller into your computer. Play the games with it to your hearts content. I'm still amazed at how much money consoles still make although by release or a month after, they are obsolete. Sorry you guys are having trouble, but was it really worth the money you spent?    

1:25 AM

Sweet jebus, you are all retards, and I hope the Flying Spaghetti Monster smites you all.

That said, let me address a few issues here: (in reverse chronological order)

To last anonymous luser:

If your G5 crashed more than your PC, you are doing something ridiculous with it. I am not going to go apple fan boy on you, but the simply fact is that something is awry if this is the case. Be it hardware (bad RAM is a likely culprit; you would be amazed at what this can do to a system!) or software (how long has it been since a "clean" format/installation? Software Updates, etc. Did you slap your w4rez distro of tiger over Panther? Etc.

The simple fact is this: 90% of the time apples are more reliable because they have a strong developer support community that lends itself to better code quality. They also have the ability to know (with fair accuracy) exactly what hardware their software is going to be running on. This is part of why Apple is committed to the software tethered to hardware platform. Microsoft (in their defense no less!) has no way of knowing what RAM, HDD, mobo, CPU, etc is going to be in your system, and they have no way of testing against all available hardware. This is a shortcoming of the x86 industry in general.

As for linux and "..the sad reality is you can't do shit with it". You my friend are delusional. There is not a single thing that can't be done with linux. There are *applications* that won't run under linux (notably HL2 and other DX dependant games), but there is no limitation in the overall usefullness of the operating system. If you are basing this claim on your personal experiences where linux was unreliable or poor performing, there are only two possible reasons for this:

Bad Hardware -or- Bad User.

Your inability to properly configure, tweak, and otherwise bend an OS to your will does not make it a poor OS.

As a former SysAdmin and current software engineer, I work with MANY platforms at any given time, and I would like to believe that I am easily considered an "expert" on more platforms than you can shake a stick at (assuming you've even heard of them).

Rather than run around half-cocked, try picking up a book, reading a man page, or in general learning the *WHY* of a computers problems rather than flatly blaming the OS. It's feeble nimrods like you that add fuel to meritless arguments.

(Oh, and since everyone you know with an applehas PC cloning applications on it I say this: One, they are all warezed I am sure, Two, if they need to emulate a pc that badly, they can easily sell their Macs on eBay for enough profit to build several PCs that they can install their warez windows XP, hell, they might even be able to pay for that copy)

To †_AcidChrist_† :
1. It is in fact painful
2. Bill Gates, while a "figure head" in the company, does carry tremendous weight, and while dead wrong in the past, also has uncanny foresight. That said, blaming Bill makes as much sense as blaming Linus Torvalds for AGPGART support in the latest xfree release.
3. You are absolutely correct on (pretty much) the entire xbox/microsoft profit margin structure.
4. I take quarter however with the NES "blinking light" problem. Nintendo had no way of knowing that their product would last as long as it did, or get as much use as it did. Remember, this was a fairly early era, and no one expected kids to sit in front of the NES for 12 hours a day, rabidly switching games for 5+ years. This problem (as most people are aware) was due to the use of a ZIF socket that over time became dirty or worse, worn. The only way an NES would stop functioning properly after a few months would be dirty cartridges, a man handling user, or the ultimate culprit, the game genie.

Given the design of the ZIF connector (which really wasn't ZIF) the game genie was notorious for breaking NESs, as it's design forced cartridges in at a slightly off angle, wearing the pins down even further.

Given the problems already faced by the NES design (again, they never expected the console longevity) and the prevalence of the game genie (best selling third party accessory of all time, IIRC, who didn't have a game genie?) it's a damned miracle that these units work at all these days (99% of "non-working" nintendos can be restored to perfect functioning order with a soldering iron and $5).

Random Rebuttals:

"Only stupid people leave it on the carpet" (correct and proper spelling added). What makes a person stupid for placing their console in what is likely the most logical place in the home? Should everyone have hardwood floors? Extension cords? Eye Strain? Wireless controllers? Don't be a dolt.

Random complainers about the design of the PSU:
Yes it was an unfortunate design, but an easily overlooked flaw. Believe it or not, engineers don't typically have an entertainment center with shag/berber carpeting in their cubicle/lab.

"A computer can't 'be' Microsoft" A matter of semantics, but what then is the Xbox/360? A toaster (well...given current PSU issues..)? Last I checked, the box had balls as big as or bigger than most home PCs.
You are no more correct in your statement than the person who stated "..your computer is Microsoft too"

Which brings up another issue. Aside from rebranded accessories, the XBOX is/was the first MS hardware that actually flew. People seem to forget all about the set top boxes they created, assorted routers, etc. It's not that they made lousy hardware (but they have), they are a software company exploring new markets. I would have thought this was evident with the ever pleasing XBOX "big as a damned suitcase with grizzly bear sized controllers" design.

J Dorward:
The odds of your company finding a niche is selling aftermarket PSU bricks is not likely to be big. MS will be correcting this problem in short order.

As another user pointed out, there was really no way for them to pack the PSU brick in the actual housing. Not without a major form factor redesign (pushing them back into "ugly box" range again), and heat dissipation would be much, much, much worse. While the brick is ugly as sin, and bigger than a chevy nova, it was a smart move on the design part.

Finally, I want everyone to remember this:
You stood in line.
Bought expensive bundles with games you didn't want or need
Earned bragging rights of early adoption.
Suffered the pains of early adoption.

For the love of christ people, you were crying to jump on the bandwagon at ground zero. You got it, you will have to endure the fallout as the unpaid guinea pig. If you want something stable, go with proven/refined tech.

/end insanely long rebuttal    

1:35 AM

Hanzo said "As for linux and "..the sad reality is you can't do shit with it". You my friend are delusional. There is not a single thing that can't be done with linux. There are *applications* that won't run under linux (notably HL2 and other DX dependant games), but there is no limitation in the overall usefullness of the operating system."

Agree with 95% of what you said Hanzo, just wanted to point out that I run SuSE 10 Linux with Cedega and it runs HL2 perfectly, along with World of Warcraft and a host of other games.

It's a sad reality that the majority of people who bash (geeky Linux in-joke) Linux have never actually used it, or have tried it once in the distant past and given up shortly thereafter. Yes it may take you a few months to get the hang of Linux and get up to speed, but considering that most of us have probably been using Window for years to get to our current skill level, those few months are a minor investment compared to the benefits of this superior OS.    

1:39 AM

First off, I would just like to say you are all a waste of my time, i dont play stupid consoles. i play everything i want on my home made computer with a "Microsoft Windows" operating system. and for the guy/gal with the G5 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


3:23 AM

haha PC's are old hat now Im affraid, All existing PC developers are now writing titles for 360 1st! so you can kiss that keyboard and mouse goodbye and buy a REAL game system PC lamer ;)    

3:33 AM

U americans r a stupid nation, u don't know shit about anything! just bla bla bla all the time! Who da fuck cares if xbox is a shitty console - don't buy it! and u go to the mall and almoust kill eachother! how many % of americans actually know what computer are they buying--the cheapest one with a printer ,some stupid programs , it just must be a big package! m from eu    

3:36 AM

Mr Random Rebuttal guy, you are my hero. You seem to be the smartest and knowledgeable person on this blog, good work writing all that. Its very interesting, you make valid points, unlike people who say "XBOX LOLZ ITS TEH SHIT COS IT PLAYZ GAMEZ".    

4:28 AM

Windows is a generic name for a windowing operating system. MS didn't invent windows, GUi mice or much else about these operating systems. Apple's predate they by several years. Xerox invented windows.    

4:32 AM

"U americans r a stupid nation"

That sure makes you sound like one intelligent person.    

4:37 AM

" my operating system isnt microsoft, it is windows "

That just sums up the world today thanks to the internet stupid 12 year old kids can post anything they want... well done!!    

4:42 AM

Hehe. Omg allways the same probs with peeps and new technology.... I need it today got get it today do anything i can to get it and then it dont work :) u make me smile, best policy is to wait till there fully released let the newbs find the errors and then buy the new all singing and dancing working console for less money with better shit :))) Heh am no sucker! Unlucky gready must have bastys. "Best Things Come To Those Who Wait".    

4:52 AM

This is stupid.
First of all calling it a sight gag of a powerbar, and making fun of it for being big is just misplaced. Open up your pc and look at the power supply in there. It's big, it likely has 1-2 fans in it and it draws a LOT of power.

Why should the xbox 360 be any different?    

6:14 AM

you clown the pc will always have games equal to the top consoles coming out, a pc can be upgraded constantly with better processors etc so sometime soon there will be,if not a pc already out now as powerful or more powerful than the xbox 360.    

6:25 AM

" sometime soon there will be,if not a pc already out now as powerful or more powerful than the xbox 360."

If you buy the most powerful processor on the market right now, it's only about 1/3 of the 360's CPU-power.    

7:22 AM

My very first thought when I first saw an article about the 360 crashing was:

I bet there are a lot of people who have this system stuffed away in a cabinet or laying plainly on their carpet, and something is overheating inside the system.

A lot of people who buy systems aren't very electronics-informed and aren't aware that things are going to overheat.

Glad to know I was right though. ;)    

7:24 AM


7:27 AM

lol i could say hahaha fuck u all im using linux but no im on xp :p

and the xbox 360 is literally spawn of satan    

7:31 AM

LMFAO, "my operating system isnt microsoft its windows" lmfao.

Microsoft owns your soul whether u like it or not.

Why buy an xbox 360 with so called"future graphics" when its the 1st system to have COMPUTER graphics?

its not "future graphics" if a you have a good comp(like mine) and have had a graphics card for over a year.

fuck all consoles.PC is the way to go.    

7:42 AM

Bottom line is everyone has there points but Microsoft has a tendency to push a product into market without fully testing it. 360 overheated is a big oversite on thier part. That wont be the only problem going to happen either. Sure all products have problem but minor ones are expected. OVERHEATING PROBLEM is because a dumbass didnt care about the product just dollar signs and said ship it. To the tard who said its not Gates fault. Matbe he didnt actually know about it but last time I heard him speak he stated he oversees his products before launch, so that right there makes him liable or just a liar. ANYONE WHO SHIPS A PRODUCT THAT HAS A BIG HEATING PROBLEM IS MONEY HUNGRY. Now if they didnt know then they didnt test it. Which also shows a crappy performance as a company.    

7:51 AM

who actually give a flying Fuck about the xbox 360 anyway as the pc is never going to be beaten with technology like 7800gtx sli mode I rest my case    

8:06 AM

Xbox is a waste of money, its PC hardware Running an M$ OS and has no connectivity unless you keep paying for the fancy NETWORK. Get a pc, you can get the same hardware (or better) for the same if not cheaper, you can Burn DVD's you can load up your mp3 player and pretty much do everything an xbox or 360 can do, and then some. Just start researching your PC parts. You can get video cards alone that can kick any consoles A$$ in Power, speed and stability. I think Consoles are just another disposable piece of trash that isnt worth the money. When's the last time you upgraded a console? this power supply issue in a pc would be fixed with $35.00 and 20 minutes of following wires. Consoles bind you to that company, and make you wait for them to fix it. Take some initiative and fix your own gear. you all took the time to go to this site, take some time and learn PC, or MAC, or SPARC, or anything, theres guides everywhere. So stop bitching and do something for yourself.


8:58 AM

I agree that a PC can be better than a console. But a console is made for the sole purpose of games, therefore there are a lot more games to play. I own a 360 and a pretty nice PC. I like to play BF2 and FEAR, but I still enjoy being able to sit on my couch and play a console. However, I play all FPS on PC. Don't be such a PC fanboy. I usually buy consoles when they come out. That way I can talk about the product b/c of personal experience. All consoles and PC's have their pros and cons, but people will always argue that one is better over the other. I remember the whole nintendo vs sega battle. It's the same thing. People will never get past wanting to bash the competition of what they own or are a fan of.    

9:02 AM

The 360 is intended to be connected to a broadband connection at all times and it actually has a built in dashboard designed for download and upgrading games. You obviously do not have one. For example new maps for halo, leaderboards, or other game "fixes", etc. Just a graphics card and processor alone that match the performance of the 360 will cost you well over 400 dollars. In fact, you will have to be upgrading well into 2007 and im still not sure you will be able to match the price. For example, the current xbox is a 500mhz computer. You can get one for 75 bucks. I know people that have turned them into computers (running linux) and installed them into vehicles as car PCs. Another thing is that even if you do not like Halo2, its outstanding ability and process of matchmaking has created an unprecidented Live gaming experience. This is not credited to Microsoft but to Bungie. Its structure conqueres all previous pc based FPSs such as Counter-Strike. I can see that not many in here actually OWN an xbox 360. Let me just say that I have had no problems with mine and that it is a very nice edition to my home theater system. Best overall "Media Player" I have ever used!

And from a completely different angle, I would like to just throw in here that I am a "microsoft fanboy" and I'm damn proud of it. Not because I like Bill Gates or because I like the game Halo. But because Microsoft is an American company. Microsoft is not treating the gaming industry the same way they have with PCs. They encourage Sony and Nintendo to "bring it" because they know that this is a growing industry. Analysts say this industry will be as big as the music industry by 2010. What does this mean for Microsoft? $Money$ What does this mean for America? Jobs. Already you are hearing commercials for the need of software engineers. I would say that Sony is better at what they do right now. And I would say that Sony will win this next-gen battle. But why would you want them to? Support Microsoft so that they will be able to pull ahead. I mean, do you really want to be waiting for every Japanease released product to get overseas? What if the japanease lead the music industry? We would all be listening to cheesy techno pop. Amercia made the first car, but look who dominates the market today! Our economy suffers greatly for that as GM continues to cut jobs. If you support Microsoft now, they will have the ability to meet your requirements as a consumer in the future.

Sorry I rambled but its true.    

9:54 AM

^ excellent points, succinctly put.


10:41 AM

Id just like to say I have a g4 ibook and use a windows emu but that is onlu because i want to play games as well as having amazing multimeda production software, most of which i use is macintosh only. I need good software and apples is the best hands down nearly every time. if you want something that is for general use get windows. audio or video production get a mac. oh and cos must assholes who write viruses use windows and cant be bothred with a diffrent script there are very few viruses for macs as well. p.s i use mac only software more than anything else on my mac. that includes emud apps. not tryin to be a fanboy just sayin that osx and xp both have their up and down sides.
Peace Love and Karma    

12:48 PM

/cry /whine /rant /annoy

What ias this world coming to?


1:36 PM

Hey you american dream facist! - wa are all listening to electronic music, most coming out of japanese equippment - and its sounds great! No need to tell that electric music devices where not invented in japan.
Semms to be like: "the west invents it the east makes it perfect" and i think its ok that way - or would you like to drive a ford t model listening to a moog synthie, playing pong in 2006 ...    

1:54 PM

The PC fanboys (and possibly fangirls, although less likely since girls have better things to do on Friday nights)have made their case about getting PC's instead of consoles.

Personally I have nothing against PC's, but I always keep in mind that they were not first and foremost designed for games. You can, if you choose to, buy the latest graphics cards, a lot of RAM, the newest CPU, etc. etc. and run games well on the PC.

There are two problems with this 1) The game will run and look better on console 2) You've spent a sh*tload of money. Now I am running under the assumption that you're using a good computer screen (which can also be very expensive) and for the console a good TV (expensive as well)

This holds true for the X-box 360 as well as the PS2; even to this day. I have friends that have built up amazing PC gaming systems and when comparing the same game on PC and PS2, I think PS2 takes the edge (even though the technical specs for the PS2 these days really suck!)

The bottom line is this: If you're made to run games you do a good job of it! PC is unable at the moment to outperform console partially because there are a lot of things running in the background and partially because developers fine tune games to run on PC (which despite some of your opinions, makes the games look like garbage).

PC's might have caught up with PS2 by now (bravo!). But it'll be years (two or three) before they can catch you with X-Box 360.

For now I'll save the $1,500 for a wicked computer (that's buying the sepearate latest hardware and putting it together and excluding the price of a good screen) and instead spend around $500 on a console that I know will be good for years to come.    

1:58 PM

**** L*O*O*K A*T T*H*I*S ****


| |
| |
| |
| |
| |____

2:01 PM

i've had the the xbox 360 since launch day and it's never crashed. yes, it does get a little hot but it doesn't crash. i also have the power supply on the carpet and the console on top of my mini computer in the living room and no problem there either.    

2:02 PM

whats written in the above post is simply completely wrong because things are simply the opposite - its like writing: in summer its colder than in winter and the moon shines brighter than the sun. But perhaps we live in different worlds or dimensions or whatever ...    

2:11 PM

just posting to a few glorified idiots out there that think they know everything about microsoft. I do hate microsoft and i was not dumb enough to fall into the marketing scheme to buy a 360 and to †_AcidChrist_† a few errors with systems for a few people is nothing compared to that of the 360 crash, every single person i know cannot play their 360 for more than 2 hours at a time... not too mention its generally not sony's fault that you had a disk read error... if you are aware of it certain things added/played on the playstation cause it to do that and it is not the fault of them but the idiots who made the peripherals. And finaly i don't understand why people even buy consoles anymore... my computer is stil more powerful then the piece of shit consoles sold now and i made it two years ago.... why don't you just dl the games and get an emulator... its still going to be way cheaper anyways microsoft is terrible and they are dumb(lost 1billion on the entire xbox project and yes that includes games)
but i still have the operating system although i have found many ways to use linux instead anyways anybody who likes microsoft i don't care and neither should anyone else... but for a company that says they are the best... why would they say blue ray technolody doesn't exist when it clearly does? or why would they continuely bash the other systems? and please don't post that it is good marketing skills... because if you are dumb enough to believe that.. you don't deserve an opinion...    

2:15 PM

my computers not microsoft windows its microsft office tahts a common one where i work    

3:02 PM

I have an Idea why not seal your power supply so its water tight and then lower it in the aquarium , this way you use the heat to keep the fish warm and cool down your power supply so that stupid as$ X mofukin geniosly engeneered Box is serving some good ... and you save $50 on buying the water heater thanks to Wonderfull MS .

P.S Bent over so I can pull Bills C0Ck out your ass's for one second. Have a nice day and god bless Microsoft    

3:10 PM

To the dude that basically said "Xbox comes from an American corporation, so support it, and support your future...", I just have to point out that Microsoft, like any American multinational corporation, would abandon the US in a second if it meant their earnings would increase greatly. Now something that obvious and extreme might not be likely, but that same drive for money behind US corporations like Microsoft is largely what is responsible for the decline of the US right now. If you are going to say "support something because it is American", say it about something that IS American, and not a multinational corporation.

Of course, many people that do not follow that rule are going to buy, for example, a Japanese- or a Chinese-made product because it is of a superior quality or less expensive, and perhaps won't freeze every 30 minutes or so.    

4:52 PM

ok when i was a kid i had a Sega MegaDrive (3 yr old 2nd hand) and used it on the carpetted floor in the lounge room.

Next i had a Sony Playstation (1996 model) i threw out the playstation last year (lense failure 8 years)

and gave the fully functional Sega Megadrive away after 5 years of service

neither had problems on carpet ever ever ever ever.

The idea of a console for kids is portability. i kept it in my rooom on my TV moved it to lounge when i could use the large TV. My mates did the same things with their N64 SNES and Nintendo all of which are still functional (still play them occasionally)

Consoles are to an extent portable enough to drag it around to diferent rooms, mates houses etc.

I blame Microsoft for designing XBOX as a Desktop Replacement computer for its inabilty to make a console that can tolerate being portable and resilient.
Possibly a side effect of rushing the XBOX 360 out to beat ps3.

i wouldnt really put Fix my PC on carpet, but it does not matter when in use since NO electrical component should be in contact with the metallic case.
MY mate keeps his athlon 64 on his carpeted floor (space restrictions in room)
and it hasnt had a problem in 2 years.

Nor would i or any normal person STORE a console on Carpet (AKA the floor) when not in use (id probably step on it.

Remember a large market for consoles are still KIDS and they punish their consoles , Partents dont give them a dedicated location in the home entertainment system and usually the console tolerates it and live a long prosperous life.    

5:28 PM

my hats off to you all. there are some very good arguments and we do, all like to argue once in a while, the fact remains the crashing systems and all the other problems, companies should and probably do test there equipment, but not every one of them. it might just happen that the one they test out of the first 100 or 1000 works great, but the odd one sucks b/c someone dropped it putting it on the shelf or other reasons similar. the consumer gets the shaft alot and some companies just don't care, but we will keep buying products b/c we need them or want them. we are all human after all. did anyone ever see the episode of snl where they said biil gates bought classic

5:40 PM

At the one that thinks microsoft owns all, Apple will be releasing the next generation in 2006... making it possible to run pc games and programs on the mac osx environment.
When this is done, apple owns all - hands down.

Microsoft will be dead on the floor.    

5:47 PM

I honestly don't see the reason for all this complaining and ranting. The psu overheats. A temp solution is to suspend it off the ground. Oh well. You spent hours in the cold waiting for this console. It would seem viable that you would go through the steps to get it to work also. But it's so much more fun to start bashing Gates and America. Wow. They seriously need to have an age restriction on "teh internets". Waste of space children.    

7:15 PM

u r a buch of fuckin melvins!!! how bout u go and shove the external powersupply up ur ass!!!!
ps i bet some little geek is gonna go "well ummm... please only post um... relative comments to this post.... your comment.... is not helping " well how bout u suck my ass    

7:40 PM


7:57 PM


Not all game consoles improve over time....I remember when the PS2 first came out it was fine, but then those damn slant-eyed bastards thought it would be a great idea if the PS2 was more space-consuming so they made it thinner...guess what...the p-o-s started overheating!!!!(it was fine the way it was)    

8:43 PM

The job of actually making the 360 console was given to a japanese manufacturer. If Microsoft was so crazy about the U.S. Economy, and jobs, surely they would make their console on U.S. soil.    

11:18 PM

There are two problems with this 1) The game will run and look better on console

Are you joking? Or stupid?

PCs have superior graphics. The XBOX 360 has shitty graphics compared to what a PC is capable of. Note, however, that I said CAPABLE of. Just because some shithead (probably you) with a FX 5200 doesn't get as nice graphics as the 360 doesn't mean those of us who actually know our shit when it comes to PC hardware don't run 1600x1200x100Hz with 8xAA and 16xAF on all high detail and blow the Xbox and it's bullshit straight out of the water.

gg. no re.

And for those of you laughing at the "my computer isn't microsoft it's windows" (which is technically valid since the system isn't operating on "microsoft" it's operating on a "microsoft product" I had a good one at work the other night. "I need ink for my printer" "What model is your printer?" "Windows 98"    

12:34 AM

I realize this was a long time ago but...

"Dumb Microsoft if they Had incorprate the power Suplly inside the macine with a fan like all computer power supplies had they wouldnt had a problem"

I'm finding this almost as good...    

12:36 AM

Earlier this was posted...

"Dumb Microsoft if they Had incorprate the power Suplly inside the macine with a fan like all computer power supplies had they wouldnt had a problem "

I don't know how many of you play World of Warcraft... but that is farmer speak.

"U SELL I BY!"    

12:43 AM


1:04 AM

mwhahahah u guys are so sick gay ass xbox lol u sound like little kids over who stole the fucking last goddamn cookie peace noooooobs!    

1:37 AM

Look the 360 looks real nice and as with allllll newly released gear more often than not there are teathing problems. O and to the idiot that spouted about the xbox being the all powerful being compared to a pc! lol yeah right, the xbox when released was still sub standard compared to a high spec gaming pc! you try sticking a couple of 7800's in sli and try telling me that the xbox is better - visually - ermmm nahhh not even close mate!    

1:45 AM

if there is such a problem with the psu then i would say someone could jump in real quick as a third party and make some great heat disapating device, you can buy them already for hard drives as a complete enclosure for sound proofing and also conducting heat. Some are coupled with fans and cool the usual fin type heat sink coolers attached to the device requiring cooling.    

1:46 AM

What's an Xbox ??    

3:51 AM

Someone actually wrote here that all gamedevelopers are now writing for Xbox 360 and that you can kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye.

A worthy response will be posted below.


5:36 AM

Everyone here with a XBOX 360 is a dumbass. You should all know by now,
that the upcoming PS3 is going to be far
much better.
Just figure... EX Box.. Name says it all.    

7:05 AM

It's all fine and dandy to say "the PS3 is going to eat the xbox 360 for breakfast" although what are sony doing? I understand this system is supposed to be the best thing since slided bread, although unless its available to the public, it's just an illusion. When sony actually get their finger out and get the ps3 to the consumers, then we can start debating which is better and what will last in the long run etc.

To everyone else on this blog...maybe you should stop wasting your time on this thing and get some rest, you all seem pretty hyped up. :]    

8:02 AM

Wow, that's a very long and utterly pointless discussion you're having over here. I like this, you like that. Well, I do different things with it than you do. Get over it, and go back to what you were doing. Play a game. Much more fun than typing up two page papers on "why linux beats microsoft" or "why some xbox 360s crash all the time and others never do".

Have fun. Live.    

8:30 AM

I bet if you read the instructions it probably said not to sit it on the carpet. The nintendo 64 said not to sit it on the carpet. I wouldn't buy a ps3 even if the playstation was better than the xbox. Sony tries to force there version of technology on everyone. Driving the price of products like dvd players, because to play every format companies have to pay royalties to Sony. Have you ever watched a sony tv they suck real grainy. What about the two horizontal lines in all sony crt trinitron monitors. The playstation may have more games but most of them are garbage games i'd never play. I use a mac because i don't like windows but i'd still buy an xbox 360.    

9:46 AM

I would just like to say that i think the 360 i actually getting too hard of a time. many times the wave of a product will have some defects, and since microsoft is clearly going to fix the problem, it isnt such a big deal. (of course if it was your console youd be pissed) but as far as PCs compare to the xbox 360 you need to give it some time to see how powerful the xbox is. Look at ps2 graphics now compared to what they were when the ps2 was first released. developers need more time to figure out the hardware of the 360. after all the damn processor has three cores that all have hyperthreading yet i believe, correct me if i am wrong, that all games are single threaded right now, so they are only really taking up about 1/2 the processor. and i i do believe the graphics card is quite good, though im not entirely familiar with it. And sure, if you buy two 7800gts for 800 dollars it will outdo the 360, at least for now, but some people like to plunk down there 400 dollars and be done with it. not worry about installing or downloading drivers and such. thats fine for them, and if you want to play on the pc its fine for you.

ps. you cant compare the processor of the xbox 360 to say an intel or a athlon. they dont function in the same way. i believe athlons are actually more powerful, or should at least compare in terms of power. yes the xbox has 3 cores and they all run at 3 ghz, but its not the same type of processor. the 360 is meant to run games.    

10:36 AM

Xbox uses DVD
Xbox 360 uses DVD as well...
Pffh. Very well thinking that was.
All those nice graphics put on the same
amount of storrage.

Los Angeles, CALIF., May 16, 2005 – At a press conference held in Los Angeles, California, today, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) revealed the outline of its PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) computer entertainment system, incorporating the world's most advanced Cell processor with super computer like power. Prototypes of PS3 will also be showcased at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the world's largest interactive entertainment exhibition held in Los Angeles, from May 18th to 20th.

PS3 combines state-of-the-art technologies featuring Cell, a processor jointly developed by IBM, Sony Group and Toshiba Corporation, graphics processor (RSX) co-developed by NVIDIA Corporation and SCEI, and XDR memory developed by Rambus Inc. It also adopts BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc ROM) with maximum storage capacity of 54 GB (dual layer) , enabling delivery of entertainment content in full high-definition (HD) quality, under a secure environment made possible through the most advanced copyright protection technology. To match the accelerating convergence of digital consumer electronics and computer technology, PS3 supports high quality display in resolution of 1080p(*) as standard, which is far superior to 720p/1080i.

With an overwhelming computing power of 2 teraflops, entirely new graphical expressions that have never been seen before will become possible. In games, not only will movement of characters and objects be far more refined and realistic, but landscapes and virtual worlds can also be rendered in real-time, thereby elevating the freedom of graphics expression to levels not experienced in the past. Gamers will literally be able to dive into the realistic world seen in large screen movies and experience the excitement in real-time.

Better wait for the real deal...

Up Yours Billy !    

10:58 AM

Jesus, so much anger, first i'd like to say, who gives a shit, oh hang on thats it!!!    

12:22 PM

I cant wait to reserve my N64 in 06 this console is going to beat the crap out of
the 360 and Ps3 combined HA HA HA!!!!!!!! LMAO    

12:24 PM

remember how great the ps2s emotion engine was supposed to be. a processor is only as good as the code written for it. lets hope cell is easy to program for, otherwise well never see all that power used.
im not buying into ps3s hype, but i will eventually purchase the console. it should be better than 360 and i like my gta.    

12:38 PM

Literaly, Microsoft is not the OS, Windows is, you people are crying fools.    

2:10 PM

Wow some of these posts make me want to slap the people who wrote them a around with an Atari 2600.

Whats with PS3 talk guy i dare all the Sony lovers out there to go and read the specs on PS3 you will be amazed how close it is to Xbox then stop take a deep breath... because it will be out in 3 or 4th quorter of 2007 !!! although it will go on sale before thta in selected countries but it will never get to states till 2007 and ohh lets all remember how many problems sony had with all of their consoles on the first lunch. Snap out of it and stop being eather companies bitches and what they considering "reserved market" if you are a gamer and you want to play games you buy whats on the market and Xbox is #1 at the moment for roughly a 1.5 years to come so argue all you want but you will not see any new games till 2007 ...
P.S hey i am not satisfied with cars running on gas eather but that doesnt mean i will not drive till they invent something new. I will just take the best option for the moment and hope for something better.    

3:12 PM

Why does everyone hate everyone so much? So much anger. Everyone makes fun of everyone else. It's all so bitter. Well, I blame Technology. Technology is evil. That's why I don't own a computer. In fact, I've never used a computer in my life. Nor will I ever use one. Then how did I post this message you ask? Magic!*

* Magic is a subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation.    

3:30 PM


3:59 PM

From the UK:

It never ceases to amaze me at the evidently poor quality of education in the former colonies.

Some of your spelling and grammar is simply atrocious!

One of the more logical points on this board seems to be the recognition of the different purposes of consoles and PCs (Include Macs/Sparc/Linux boxes). Of course a PC is more capable than any console (Maybe not at launch necessarily, but certainly a few months down the line) but you can never be assured that your games are going to run as well as you can be if they're on a console! Like the earlier comment regarding Apple's policy of not (any more) licensing its software to work on clone machines, it allows software developers to have a reasonable level of certainty that the code they are writing will work in the way intended! Sure there are various software platforms to make it easier, but these are never going to be anything more than a compromise! DX for example runs on hundreds, if not thousands of different graphics chipsets, all with different capabilities so how can a Windoze box be expected to run games as reliably as a console? Sure there are exceptions, it would seem with the new 360 having problems with the PSU but that's unlikely to affect the overall use of the console, is it? Simple answer - make sure your PSU has adequate ventilation, and don't put it on the carpet! Its not that hard, surely?

Oh and for the record:

Colour not Color,
Honour, not Honor,
Pavement not Sidewalk,
Car Park not Parking lot
Todays date is 02/12/05 not 12/02/05
A billion is 1,000,000,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 is a Milliard
Its a Metre, not a meter unless you're metering something
You familiarise yourself with something not familiarize
And finally, God damn you all, you get Diarrhoea, NOT Diarrhea!

Hope I've offended all of you on the other side of 'the pond'!


4:33 PM

one point for UK ^^ @ France rules    

4:45 PM

i just can't wait for the new nintendo... at least they are changing the way games are played!    

5:03 PM

I think the people who think that their operating system is called Microsoft and not Windows are the biggest fools in this whole thread.

"Hey, what are you running on there, Linux?" "Nah, I got Microsoft XP on there right now, it's pretty buggy though, and I'm fat... and lonely."    

5:08 PM

Take your wiener out of the exhaust holes and it wont overheat.

"If you buy the most powerful processor on the market right now, it's only about 1/3 of the 360's CPU-power." whoever said that obviously doesnt know that the xbox runs on a cellphone based processor which is like a peanut in the excriment that is cpu performance.    

5:33 PM

oh my fucking god microsoft is windows retard wow how much more can a person get stupid microsoft is windows like microsoft windows 95 ,98 , xp and xp pro

we before that it was msdos v1.6 (ms)= microsoft. microsoft are developers of xp dee dee dee. psp wow some ppl like them need to be wiped off the face of the world wow.    

5:56 PM

Random Rebuttal Part Deux
(with a little more brevity this time)

The argument surrounding games on console versus games on pc is pretty ridiculous.

What makes a game "better" is the play. Amazing graphics only go so far. Case in point? Doom3. Amazing graphics/lighting engine. Problem? A billion shades of brown in a dark room with predictable game play.

After the first few hours, the scare jump stopped working.
"Oh, another room. I will walk in..then when I reach the middle I will instinctively turn 180 degrees because the lights are going to go out and an Imp will spawn."

FPS do well on the PC platform because of the input. Fighting games do well on consoles for the same reason.

Arguably, from a developers standpoint the console version of a game is going to be more "polished" feeling simply because of the conformity. You have control over the hardware, the resolution, etc etc etc. You don't need to worry that Joe Bob has an outdated version of DX with corrupt DLLs and Korean billion button mouse.

Games like halo (and before anyone says it, I refuse to buy an xbox or 360...but I have played halo/halo2 extensively with my friends) were a smash hit because of the game. Not the platform. It even broke convention on the input.

And as far as all the rampant whining about those of us whining, well...

If you are going to complain about the product, learn to spell.

If you are going to complain about the whiners, be damned sure that you can spell, make use of proper grammar, and (in short) look like less of a twit than the person you are mocking.

Finally, RE: the proper spellings,

You forgot that Tyre is spelled Tire :)


7:23 PM

Ok I love all of these comments, you can say whatever you want and seem either smart or stupid by what you say here. But in all reality this blog has a small audience. Why do we all continue to bash this os or that os the fact is they all have bugs and yes some do get fixed quicker than others(user base would account for a lot of that). Bill Gates does make a lot of money from everything his company sells but unless I'm mistaken free enterprise is the model the USA follows. Yes "Microsoft Windows" does dominate the pc market but you still aren't forced with a gun to your head to buy their products. And finally if you don't like something don't buy it after all that is the way to make your point.    

7:56 PM

Bill Gates has your money now . He don't care he's wearing supersonic underwear.    

8:16 PM

ooo.. those sound very pleasing    

8:18 PM

Hanzo is cool, but in Australia it is spelt tyre.    

10:14 PM

you're all gay.

The end.    

11:32 PM

guy if you cant decide whether you should get a ps3 or a 360. get the nintendo revolution. that way no one wins.

frankly i dont even play games. hell, i shouldnt bother posting here. but i like to keep myself aware of whats going on in the gaming industry. i've owned a sega genesis, PS1, PS2, gamecube, never an xbox cuz i'd play it at a friends house all the time. i really dont favour any of them. they all have their goods and bads. im pretty sure PS3 will ripped 360 apart in specs. but some ppl cant wait that long and want to grab their hands onto the latest technologies. i dont blame em.. hell if i had the money i'd do it too. but i could really careless about game consoles. games these days are just so repetitive or maybe i just get bored of them too fast. they are all played the same, with just different levels, difficulty, and visuals. nothing to wow about. i'd rather be socializing with people and go out rather than stay home and play videogames all day. im not bashing any video game enthusiasts out there. im just not that type of guy. i do play games once in a while, i just think that if you play too much, its not good for a brain. as for the PC vs consoles. i believe PC almost have upgrades every 3 months? correct me if im wrong, but i was told that in my computer classes and read it in many articles and i admit that its pretty easy to believe that. but as of now, 360 seems to be far more superiour than PC in graphic terms. you dont have to go out and sell your left nut to buy the latest video card just so it can out perform the 360. in a few months PC's will find new hardware and prices will change. do what you think is best for you.    

11:47 PM

You people do make me laugh, getting so wound up in the console wars.

I have a much more simplistic view in the ps3 vx 360 debate. If you are not poor, BUY THEM BOTH. Who gives a shit if big nasty microsoft is getting your money? I certainly don't.

I have a 360 and will buy a PS3 and will buy a revolution when they come out and I will decide for myself which I like.

Most of the people on here have to ask there mummy for extra pocket money to buy the consoles and then bitch about which is best, GET A LIFE!    

11:51 PM

Tyre is not spelt "tire" unless you are the sort of dick that leaves the u out of colour, or don't know the difference between jelly and jam.


4:30 AM

Oh god, you're not supposed to leave game consoles on the rug? Ah crap! No wonder me Dreamcast freezes 10-20 minutes into playing my 'backup' copy of Soul Calibur. Garhhh! I feel like such an idiot!    

4:44 AM

I don't what is funnier someone thinking microsoft and windows are two seperate operating systems and not realizing microsoft is the company name and windows is the product.

Or the fact someone would spend 400 dollars on a cripple computer that crashes do to overheating, then justifys it, because sony and tobashia also fuck his loose ass.

Here is a little advices, if every game systems has horrible ridicilious problems(such as a power sources that overheats, because they were to slow to realizes it was going to need a cooling system) and is starting to cost you more then my months rent.

Maybe, it's a sign you're a sucker and should just mail all your money to me, and i'll send you nintendo. They never overheated from being on the carpet, and their video games were more complexs then jump slash, explosion. Seriously, If i ever bought a game system, and it didn't work, I be scream for my money back. Fuck, a replacement.

I mean it's only video games, But then again i also talk to girls and not cum in my pants because one rubbed up against me on the bus. The miracle of not suffering from low self esteem.    

7:11 AM

PS : Your sound box,PC,keyboard,mouse and even possibly those XB 360's parts are all MADE IN CHINA ... Get it right ... It's not the japs.

Peace ...    

2:02 PM

Just a question dosent the locatin, where you live matter alot. You know theres a big diffrence in temprature in diffrent parts of the world.

like Stockholm and Sydney.    

8:54 PM

here is what I think!    

9:51 PM

PS3 will own once it comes out. Overheating and paying for something that crashes periodically? LoL. Maybe that's why the PS3 is coming out after they see all the problems the 360° has. Learning off the other competitions mistakes. Can't wait. I was going to get a 360°, but after all these complaints. I learned something. NOT TO BUY A 360. LoL. Have fun with crashing in the middle of the game. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!    

10:07 PM

Whoever posted that last comment is a PS fanboy idiot. I have never once had a crash, and it's never overheated on me. Have fun waiting for your PS3, I won't be buying one.    

11:10 PM

Let's back track a min to what the guy with the G5 was saying... Point given well.. The asshole after him, read carefully Mr Programmer... I believe the "applications" was what he was referring to when "you can't do shit with it" He said Linux was outstanding if you read correctly.. That he prefers it. The majority of Microsoft Windows problems result from the same.. Wipe off and reinstall as you were saying with Mac OSx.. ALL COMPUTERS HAVE PROBLEMS WITHOUT PROPER MAINTAINENCE... period. Consoles.. while great entertainment.. CANNOT live up to the adaptability and longevity of a PC... nothing wrong with consoles.. They were just built basically to be the poor mans computer    

11:55 PM

If Windows (microsoft ha ha ha) is so crap how come everyone uses it? If you dont like the options why dont you write something better instead of wasting time on here? By the way, the 100mhz (got gig) crashed every 20mins when it was unveiled in the early 90's from "over-heating". Time and research solved that problem didnt it? Nice to see MS hasnt changed in the last 15 years!!! LOL. For those who say xbox better/ps better its all a matter of taste/brainwashing/loyalty. Lets face it a good pc is the same price as x360 almost and you can do way more with a computer. Look at that peice of shit mini playstation thing for shite sakes people paying $300 for that at its the same thing for 1/10th the size talk about a rip. I cant believe people actually spend $300 for that when a computer is only a few hundred more.. what a brainwash. Ill buy the xbox360 in 2 years when all you mugs have paid for the research for half the price and zero problems. What ever happened to bata versions you ask? guess they think windows update would be cheaper    

1:37 AM

I have to admit, this was a pretty weak discussion. Now I don't give a crap if I spell anything wrong or whatever... Call me an idiot if you like, it won't change my 132 IQ.

Well my point is, that you jackasses are arguing on a webpage that microsoft will never read...

To clear a few things up:

-Linux gives you the best control of your hardware (as long as its not broadcom hahaha)
-Macs ARE the best for media. Period.
-Windows is the only game-worthy OS. Period.

For those of you that dispute consoles, I'll add my 2 cents... I like the Play Stations (PSX, PS1, and PS2). They give variety... As for XBOX, I played almost all XBOX games on my computer... including FABLE (XBOX Only) which they released a year later for windows... and it was great.

I tried to keep it short and tried not to be too much of a jerk. If I offended you... Please take an IQ test and if your IQ is higher, you won't be offended.


3:18 AM

Haha Dr. Spork here makes me laugh. First he goes on about his tremendous 132 IQ, like it's that big of a deal. He probably got the answer out of one of those bullshit e-Mode tests that are basically a rip off of any mediocre, half-assed fake IQ test ever made. Second, he parades around his opinions like they were fact because "I have a 132 IQ". Third, he seems to be of the opinion that any of these people posting here are hoping Microsoft is going to read their comments and do something about it. You don't post in some online discussion on some site (apart from or any of the other hundred domains M$ owns) about their product and expect your comments to be taken seriously. They are posting here because they want their opinion to be heard in the vast ocean of the internet, add their drop of water to it. Other people replying to them only vindicates them, acknowledges their place in the universe. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, that's great, but don't go parading around your opinion like it's fact, because that's just stupid and makes us seriously question the validity of your "IQ score" (though we're already questioning you as a person for needing to parade that around, kind of makes us wonder what else you might be compensating for ;-P). I have my own personal opinion about these products, I think the XBox 360 blows, I think MS is getting better but they've got a ways to go in the OS department and Vista isn't going to cut it, I'm impressed with linux, specially the live cds, that kind of support out of box on a single cd is fucking awesome, and while I've used Macs for media, I haven't seen them do anything that I can't do at least as well on my home PC, but you can take these with a grain of salt. Oh, and just so we're clear on this, I'm not going to parade around my IQ, but by your own standards, I qualify to make comments about your post, so eat it. Anyway, my rant is over, get a life, post some more, made my night. People get quite emotional about such trivial things, but it's great, because everybody is happy to share their own opinion (I'm intentionally ignoring the posts that are basically opinionless and usually involve XXX is gay, fuck you kind of stuff, those add nothing to the discussion). It's a penis contest, everyone trying to show how big they've got while everyone else tries to beat them down, it's an exercise in fruition, but it's hilarious. Keep it real. BTW, you disagree with me, give me a buzz, I'm sure I'll enjoy a laugh tomorrow too.    

9:37 AM

The PC to Console Comparison is really stupid nowaday because the console is a PC. It's just modified for one specific task... to play games, which is one of the reasons why they seem faster. Sure the 360's processor could probably spank a normal pc's processing power, but that doesn't mean it's going to be utilized in a game. Nowhere near that is actually needed. Plus, comparison goes off again because of the architecture of the power-pc IBM core.    

6:26 PM

i agree and also did you know intel has a computer that is instance respons it take this computer .00000125 seconds to load a level on halo its crazy fast the only reason we can only buy up to 3.80 GHz is they are making money off of little by little things because if they just sold there highest tecnolgy they have they would be out of bissness for life so they improve stuff little by little. they also sovled mother board problems just they r selling the crapy mother boards now then later or next year they going to say oh here we just found out the mother board problem buy this its better. next year they sell 4.00 GHZ p-5 then 4 years after that it might be 7.80 GHz p-10 or something they right now as we type have they biggest badest shit ever they can probley hit 1 fucking botton then every computer in the world will crash or over heat or breat bust you might think i am cray that will never happen just wait cause you going to pay 1,000,000 $ for upgraded and better computers for you life and the computer that intel has. has a life span of only 1 year and caoss 20,000,000 $ to make nice price tag on that. fuck xbox 360 besause year after that they make xbox4000 super edition and you buy it and pay and pay and pay thats all so y even buy. and also a kid at school some where were having a contest who can build a computer out of raw matreials and this kid could fit 1,000,000 giga byts of info on a 1-inch piece of clear tape just regular clear tape that you buy at the store of $1 and you know what intel did gave this kid 30 billion dollars to shut up and not tell any 1 of puting info on a piece of clear tae because intel would go out of bissness thats how much of fuckers these ppl are    

6:53 PM

SEXBOX!!!! SEXBOX, SEXBIX! I fat 20 billion gygabits on a piece of alluminum foil the width of a needle and the length of how far a penny is wide!! Intel gave me $400 million American dollars. SEXBOX!    

9:38 AM

Good to know. Luckily my xbox hasnt crashed yet. Check out my site when you get a chance

I update often at least once a day, if not then 3-4 times a week    

4:44 PM

my problem is that the fucking crap box scratches up my games and i am extremely carefull with them i have tried cleaning the power box, lifting the powerbox, cleaning the eye with this clean dr thing, but nothing works. can anyone tell me what to do tomorrow im going to buy an elite just because of that. I mean for gods sake i pay $300 for a video game console i should be able to, you know, play some fucking video games.... cheap ass microsoft    

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