Xbox 360 early review/hands-on

Today I was one of the few and very lucky to get some alone time with the 360. Overall I was impressed, but despite how badly I wanted to be, I was not blown away. I spent about an hour digging through every option, demo and movie I could, trying very hard to keep an open and analytical mind about what I was looking at.

Lets start with the good stuff. The new controller is excellent they have slightly improved the feel and the design is a thing of beauty. The menu is system is also very good, it is fast and well thought out. Being able to access stuff mid game via the side bar is a really great innovation.

I must say I am confused by Microsoft's choices in demo titles. I mean Kameo, while its sort of neat is a kids game, King Kong is a movie tie-in and Call of Duty 2 is a PC port. Why not let us see Perfect Dark 2 or PGR3, these are supposed to be the flag ship titles. None of them in my opinion really show case the power and strengths of the system. I spent the most time on COD2, and it was during this time that the hopes and dreams that the MS hype machine had built into my brain began to crack and crumble. Anyone who is hoping that the Xbox 360 will let them play games that run just like they do on a top of the line PC is in for a rude awakening. I installed COD2 on my PC (3ghz 1.5 gb Ram and a 6800 GT ultra) earlier this week and played about 6 hours of it, so I am able to make a fair comparison. Compared to the way it runs on my PC COD2 looks like ass on a 360. I could not believe it when it first loaded, but I could not deny what I was seeing, jaggies (lots of them) sub par textures and poor lighting. I am hoping this was just a rushed port, but my anticipation is down a bit after today (although I will still be inline on the 22nd with the rest of you nerds).

Now before I get flamed right off the internets let me state the following.
1) I realize the demos are 1st gen titles and 1st gen titles never look as good as latter games in a systems life cycle
2) I am not a Playstation zealot. I don't even have a PS2 and have no plans to buy a PS3 when it comes out

I know its still to early to pass a final judgment and I am hoping that when I finally get to play some other 360 games I will be blown away. All I am saying here is that I was really excited to see what the 360 was like in real life and I walked away a little disappointed. This is just one guys opinion, if you have the chance check the ever growing lists of demo sites in the comments section on joystiq and check it out for yourself.

Holy Crap!! it is like a street fight up in this comments section. I am getting spammed like mad right now, so I have to approve each comment. So there might be a delay, but I would never censor anybody.

Thanks for reading!
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10:24 PM

makes me feel better im a pc gamer :)    

10:54 PM

It's only a demo...

Gaming Setups    

9:06 AM


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4:07 AM

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7:45 PM

you xbox w*****, ps3 will rule you, you will see, ha ha ha ha. good to see your updates. good informative s***. talk to you l8r, lee    

7:13 AM

i couldnt agree more with what you have said on the 360, i also really want to like it but i couldn't get over the immense amount of jagged lines and overall untidyness of cod2, even though it does look great from a distance :D it seems to me like the demo machines have been rushed in terms of playable content and im pretty sure the end result of the console will be a slight improvement... i hope.    

8:08 AM

Even if the games are demos, only a month away from release, how 'demo' can they be? More than likely this close to release you're playing the real thing or there's some fantastic update ready to be applied before going Gold... Fact is, PC games will always outperform & always beat console games hands down, simply because it's a constantly evolving technology. Spend a year enjoying quality 360 gaming, but after that, PC games will look twice as good, a year after that... My point is NOT don't buy consoles, it is going back to the main point, if COD2 looks crap already on the 360, then well, its longevity as 'quality' graphics will be short lived indeed.    

8:19 AM

play xbox360 it suck donkeyballs.
i think nintendo will come ontop when this war is ove i see it like this
nintendo 1st
ps3 2nd
xbox pulls out of making system    

9:09 AM

the controller being excellent? dont let me laugh, its horrible handling. even the hold of the NES controller is better. jeez    

9:58 AM

i hate those jagged lines. is there an option in the 360 to turn the AA on a bit higher? lol.. i doubt it.    

10:23 AM

What the hell are you doing writing a review based on a demo. You now look like a complete fool with no credability.

People that actually have the system are all speaking a different tune.    

10:23 AM

Yea, i played one at work. Nothing special unfortunately :( and i can only imagine PD zero being pretty crappy.    

10:25 AM

oh and nintendo on top XD XD XD!
judging by the "success" of the gamecube i dont think the "revolution" will even launch.    

11:19 AM

let me say this ....In our local store here in ny we where able to play xbox360 and due to the fact that I have good friends one being the maneger let me take there floor model home with all the demos and call of duty 2. I got a chance to play this thing for a good 7 hours over night.. I hold no allegiance to pcgamers or console or sony ..or whatever you call it ..The fact is Xbox 360 is a disapointment.. I was so excited to get it home and mind you allready have my preordered and PAID FOR IN FULL IE the premium package..
in HD on my hdtv/monitor there was slow down in COD and lots of jaggies also.. This thing was suppose to be "ground breaking" ....ITS NOT SORRY...if your a high end pc gamer its nothing you havent seen before PERIOD..I WAS SO PISSED!!!!    

12:03 PM

geeez I'm, so sick of "pc gamers" putting down consoles. With lame comments such as "the graphics will be extinct in a few months time!!!111" and other such lame comments. These are usually people that sit playing cod online all day, that have no friends. Simple fact is, its playerability that makes a game. And thats were consoles win over the pc games format any day.

Also playing ya friend via split screen rules all over this anti-social online play any time. You stupid geeks don't even know what a good game is.

As for the review.... I disagree. I played call of duty 2 in the shop, and I thought the graphics looked really nice. Not my kinda game though. As for the other 2 games.... the same as with call of duty. Good visuals, shite games.

Personally I'm looking forward to project gotham 3, dead or alive, and later sonic :P also that zombie fighter looks good.... not that many decent titles for launch though... but there rarly are.

I hope there will be a new rally champ game... best rally games ever made those.    

12:17 PM

For all you noobs out there.... The Display 360s only have one of their three processors installed, as they wanted to get demo systems out fast. Keep that in mind before you make judgement.    

12:25 PM

you're kidding right?
there is no way COD2 looks good, or at least not in comparison to the pc... oh well...

Now i'll admit that i am a pc gamer, but that doesn't mean i have no life etc, quit generallizing.

Besides that though, i think the issue is not so much that the graphics aren't spectacular, but you just dished out $400, so they f-ing well should be.

For playability alone, why not just stick with an older generation?
The reason xbox360 is here is because physics and graphics simulation has imporved bigtime since the original xbox.

What that means, is that if the graphics suck on xbox360 you just wasted $400 on a system no better than the xbox that im sure anyone reading already has. So therefore, its a letdown, and a lot of people will be pissed.

Fortunately though, as has been said these are gen 1 games so they're not using all the abilities of the xbox, but in that case, you may as well wait until the better graphics games come out, and while you wait the price of the 360 will drop, so you win all around... it just sucks for anyone who has pre-ordered...    

12:27 PM

The display xbox 360s only have one of three processors installed inside them, and the demos reflect this...    

12:32 PM

When you do a rush job like many of the launch games for the 360, then you're bound to be disappointed for awhile to come. Many of the best games for the original xbox came out around.. what.. a year or two later? So.. time to wait it out!    

12:53 PM

jesus christ its hard to pleaze some ppl. demo, springs to mind that these builds are at least 5-6 months old, and considering practically every 'professional' online reviewer has stated that COD2 on the 360 wipes the floor with its Pc counterpart, i have played it, no jaggies, very smooth. also, kameo owns. kiddies game, open your fucking mind you tit.    

12:56 PM

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.    

1:55 PM

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU
- Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each
- Two hardware threads per core; six hardware threads total
- VMX-128 vector unit per core; three total-• 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
- 1 MB L2 cache

CPU Game Math Performance
- 9 billion dots per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor
- 500 MNz
- 10 MB embedded DRAM
- 48-way parallel floating-point shader pipelines
- unified shader architecture

- 700 MNz DDR

Memory Bandwidth
- 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
- 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
- 21.6 GB/s frontside bus

Overall System Floating-Point Performance
- 1 teraflop

That's says all... I'm a pc gamer and i don't even own a console but that's says all...    

2:13 PM

I would stick with the older consoles, but then... I would not get sequals to my fave games. I really do not care if the graphics are better then the original xbox. Yes it is a nice thing, but it is MOT the thing that attracts. It is the quality of the games. Gameplay, lastability etc.

PC gamers can keep their fps's (that there is a new one of each week) because the quality of PC games is REALLY low compared to console games. There is nothing on the pc that even compares to the project gotham games, or the rally sport games in terms of quality and game play. Also the controller makes all the difference. Those analogue triggers are the best way to control you car :) (apart from wheels, but most of those are very tackely made)

That is were the ps3 will fail. No analogue triggers = no decent car control. Also with trash like gran turismo..... ok i'll not go into that.    

2:14 PM

er mot = not. lol    

2:58 PM

PS3 will fail..? eh..?

Microsoft wanna be the billy-big of the games world.. but they've not got a fucking CLUE have they...

The rushed release of the 360 (with poor and hastily put-together launch titles) is gonna have stupid fanboys who pay no attention to detail creaming their pants and no-doubt shelling out their hard-earned for a piece.. (or begging their mummy to buy them one for chrimbo)

I am a PC gamer mainly, though I've owned pretty much every console to walk the face of the earth - so I'm no stranger to these things.. and (cos something someone said up there REALLY got to me) I'm sorry, Goldeneye may have been a great game! - but it'd have been 100 times better if you coulda played it WITHOUT HAVING TO SHARE A SCREEN WITH YOUR MATES!.. geeze.... someone obviously has never experienced the true JOY of competetive online play with - oooh! a screen all to yourself!! ;)

Went off on one there...

My 2 cents is this - people are gonna buy the 360 (fools perhaps), and it's rushed release is gonna send people cRaZy no doubt this christmas..
But they're gonna end up feeling all sour inside when the PS3 comes out (in it's own time!) and simply wipes the floor clean.

Can't see the 360 selling many units in Japan at all.. and it needs to!

Best of luck Microsoft - you bunch of clueless wankers..

PLEASE don't let there be any decent Square-Enix titles on the 360 cos I think I'd have to shit down Mr Gates' throat...    

3:27 PM

The Xbox 360 version shares several similarities with the PC version. Both are filled with well-animated soldiers, ornamented with highly detailed environments, and they all moved at crisp framerates. The 360 game held at a constant 60 fps, and the PC, at least right now, runs at 30 FPS. The Xbox 360 appeared to show a slight advantage over the PC with a little more detail and slightly longer draw-distances, but the differences weren't drastic or that easy to see. Like we did, you'd have to stare at them side-by-side and critically compare. - Quote from IGN RE Call of Duty 2    

3:39 PM

Anybody who says PCs run at 30fps blatantly has no idea what they are talking about.....    

3:44 PM

Umm there is no such thing as a 6800 GT ultra. This guy knows nothing about computers.    

3:47 PM

Hey guys i know that the xbox 360 does not look better then the pc or the ps3 for that matter but To me it doesnt matter what system its for as long as the games are good    

4:01 PM

The rushed release of the 360 (with poor and hastily put-together launch titles) is gonna have stupid fanboys who pay no attention to detail creaming their pants and no-doubt shelling out their hard-earned for a piece.. (or begging their mummy to buy them one for chrimbo)

SO TRUE and FYI the system i tested were RETAIL BOX >>>> the one i took home !!I am not a fan boy when it comes to games i play whatever is the best.I was very excited about this xbox 360 i hyped it up bigtime no im eating my words because IT IS A LETDOWN BOTTOM LINE! WOULD IT BE FAIR FOR ME TO GENERALIZE all console gamers by saying they are all to stupid and poor to get highend pc's? dont say pc gamers have no life. besides the graphics chip is a nothing more than a custom x800 from ATI ... Bottom line when direct X10 hits it will be obsolete...    

4:05 PM

Fuck Sony and their rootkits...

I hope MS overtakes Sony just for that reason.    

4:08 PM

I just checked it out tonight for the first time. My friends Alienware destroys the xbox 360.I was dissapointed bigtime which really sucks because i thought we would have been caught up to the pcGamer.
im not saying its a total POS by anymeans!!!! I just thought for all the hype it would be better!    

4:11 PM

hey atleast your honest! nothing really beats the power of a pc :)    

4:23 PM

i mean i dont mean to compare alienware with xbox360 but Im pissed that my friends been telling me that it would never look or be as good as his alienware but the whole time i was like ..wait and see.... wait and see..... youll see I told him because of all the false hype MS put out.dont get me wrong compared to the current systems out now it destroys them! but up against Real high end pc's it doesnt really compete.... unless you talk about content.... like fighters are better on console ect ect...    

4:29 PM



dont make me die crying with laughter..
even PC Vanilla Cards will perform better then a custom scaled down Graphics chip...    

4:30 PM

perfect dark 2 huh.....    

4:39 PM

I work at a best buy in NYC... In charge of video games....

And I tell everyone thinking about buying a 360...

"Its a peice of shit. Wait till the PS3."    

4:46 PM

I work at a best buy in NYC... In charge of video games....

And I tell everyone thinking about buying a 360...

"Its a peice of shit. Wait till the PS3."

ppffffff LMFDO That was harsh but prolly true.    

4:51 PM

I just played 360 yesterday.....
Sum UP!!!

Xbox 360 = The most beautiful letdown

What a shame! I was so excited even purchased mine early paid in full...    

5:29 PM

The 360 is an amazing machine. It will blow people away if you use it correctly. The seamless integration with a Media Center PC and steaming tv through your xbox is outrageous! Great idea.

As for the demos, PDZ and PGR3 were still receiving final testing passes. They didn't care to make the demo deadline because they needed all the testing they could. Especially PDZ, it was an incredibly buggy game to start. It logged over 20,000 bugs to my knowledge. But fear not, there will be great games launched and even better ones to come.

From what was also hinted, there could be software overclocking utilities offered somewhere down the line that allows the ATI chip to run faster. That's why Microsoft didn't try to go all out on the video card, they're leaving some head room to expand in the future. In addition, the games first released for the 360 will be nothing compared to those released 2 years from now. They hardly even work the processors. PDZ was using about 30% of the processing power from what I know, maybe a little bit more. But seriously, all who diss on it now are basically idiots. Why? Because you haven't played it. I spent 2 1/2 months on this machine testing and testing and testing. It was good then, it's amazing now. And why complain? Microsoft beat out Sony on releasing a console even though XBOX was launched 1 year after PS2. Don't nag about something you have no experience with.    

6:04 PM

my favorite part about reading these posts, are the ones comparing 1500 to 3000 dollar computers to a 400 dollar console. if the games looked better on the console you wouldnt even say a word. and to all the naysayers about the 360's success, you are a bunch of idiots.    

6:18 PM

LOL Dont make me laugh..we are no no ..NO SIR you are the idiot even think that microsoft will condone much less allow its graphics chip to be over clocked with a stock cooling solution is assinine and rediculous!!! you post loses all credibility with that statment.... the other point is no one is comparing 2000 3000 high end pc's to xbox 360 was comparing them openly and publically!!!! everyone knows the first Gen games always are not taking advantage of hardware. But regardless it doesnt live up to expectations period... how could all these post be wrong..noone is hating on the x360..YOU ARE A FAN BOY. Which is cool just
dont make outrageous claims youve tested this system then something rediculous like it will offer overclocking ..LOL go tell the boys at overclockers aulstralia that...or even better harocp.. and watch them rip that nonsesne fanboy coment apart


6:21 PM

To the Douche who said console gamers do not have any idea on how to put together a computer...Your a straight up PC fanboy. I have my A+ so up yours. I am a console gamer, PS2 and Xbox to be exact. To me playing games with a few buddies is the best. Its great in the cold winter when you want to save money instead of going out. Xbox is better than most PC's unless your one of those guys who has $3000 and up to spend on a PC. Even still 400 bucks is pretty damn good. Take all of those parts and add up how much they would cost for a PC. Fanboys are getting scared because a Console owns most of their systems. They are all running to their local computer stores trying to catch up to 360's specs. Soon PS3 will come and own PC's as well.
I'll be playing on my 30" HD or my 19" flat monitor. I'll use my PC for other stuff not gaming. Consoles are better because you can actually interact with others in the same room.    

6:31 PM

LOL cost is not the point and neither is A+ certification it doesnt mean you no shit about hardware you dumbass..LOL
second alienwares do not cost 3000 grand the mid range systems will spank xbox 360 horribly muchless plain ol xbox ...
I think you and your friends need to get out more ..


6:46 PM

If you judge the Machine by that demo disc.. your life as a review artist will be about aslong lifed as this post....

The Textures were the issue of Call of duty, not the polycount or the resolution.
And COD Has never been leaps ahead of anything in terms of any proformance catagory. Great game.. but its nothing more than great gameplay on the same old enging.

Test the polycount in Karma.. then see how your computer stacks up...    

7:00 PM

You douche bag! PS3 is going to support blu ray, that means more gigs per game. Microsoft is stupid for releasing a game console on DVD format when they should've waited until HD DVD to be released. I knew this console is going to be a big let down.    

7:04 PM

ya. xbox sucks anyways microsoft tries way to hard to make they're console exactly what its not. and that IS a computer or pc whatever you prefer to refer to it as. Now don't get me wrong i believe all the next gen consoles are gonna be the same way. BUT if you want to debate that xbox 360 is gonna be the best next gen console. I think ps3 will. i think the xbox 360 will be the worst. i mean revolution has online smash bros. if anyone wants to debate me on this add me to
yahoo: crazy_maniac_393939
aol: mightymanjays

i'd be glad to take all you xbox fanboys down one by one til none of you are left :D because microsoft consoles suck and if you need someone to help you realize this i am your guy    

7:08 PM


7:08 PM

Would you guys go out and have something called Alcohol ?
It might loosen you up ?    

8:13 PM

PC's PWN consoles anyday    

8:23 PM

Wow. You people are pathetic. Of course a console can't compare to a pc, because a gaming pc is a lot more flexible. That being said, I prefer to play on a console than a computer. Why? It feels a lot better. You can play with friends, you can basically crash out on a couch in front of a TV rather than having to sit up in front of a simple monitor, and it doesn't matter if the area you're playing in gets cluttered, you don't need to clear room for a mouse. Now, the dickhead that said console gamers know nothing about hardware, you are one sad, retarded, friendless, brainless, and probably virgin idiot.

Lack the technical knowledge... Fuck's sake dude, some people can't just run to their mommies every time they want another few hundred dollars for a new CPU because your previous one became obsolete a month after you bought it...    

8:27 PM

Oh, and think of how much more convenient it is to get a blowjob on a couch rather than under a computer desk. Ever wonder why PC fanboys stay virgins?    

8:35 PM

Everyone is a critic, damn stop your bitching, if you dont want a x360 dont buy one simple as that. Dont have to be a computer geek and be like "pcs pwn consoles" Some people don't get hard over virtual reality video games, and computer graphics cards. Get a life and rate the games on content not solely on graphics.    

8:52 PM

the technical knowledge thing hit a nerve for all the " I need to play games on the cheap" consol gamers lol
WHO said pcgamers go to thier parent to buy pc's?!?!? What a joke!!!!!
point is this...anytime you want to compare Image quality /framerates/features/speed/inovation/flexibility/
or just plain 1 to 1 feature for feature high end pc's will spank xbox360 PERIOD..
For the record..
A) Have a Hot girlfriend
b) Make lots of money
c) dont live with my parents( own a house)
d) Have a highend pc
E) Own an Xbox360
d) Have lots of friends
that should clear up all the petty talk about pcgamers are this and console gamers are that blahblahblah

I have it all Every system and a phat pc and I baught it all myself LOL

Xbox is competitve with pc its good but good is about it...
ITS NOT THE "MACHINE" of the future its graphic hardware is allready a year old.    

8:54 PM

xbox 360 looks like a toaster oven.on its belly


9:09 PM

I have been aware of the NEW XBOX 360 for some time now but after reading the comments on this site im not so sure, i mean ps3 is suppost to be better but xbot is a name you can trust. Not to down PS lovers but the frist one was crap the PS2 was crap (im sure lokking forword to the nex one) would someone get the cleaning lady this ones gunna stink but thats just my thoughts.    

9:52 PM

Hahaha; wow. All of the comments about "OMG U SUX" make me laugh. Mudslinging is enormously entertaining to watch, but is really not very productive or edifying.

Seriously, though, you're all being far too harsh on a system that has yet to even be released. Of course the demos, and the non-final-release console aren't quite as good as the final product, or near as good as a souped-up pc. Not everyone can run out and buy the latest parts on a whim. If you can afford it, awesome, but don't look down on others because they can't. And certainly don't expect a console, about half the size of a pc, and with negligible upgradability, to keep up with your "monster rig". As it stands, XB360 owns my pc several times over.

In addition, due to the fact we're just entering the "next-next-gen" era, it's too soon to expect every game to be perfect. Most developers are coming from having worked on current-gen projects, and as such are predisposed to doing the same type of thing, reguardless of the fact that it'll be going onto a new system. It'll probably be at least a year or so before we start seeing games that "really use the 360's potential". Until then, suck it up.

I myself prefer consoles in general as opposed to pc, because, while the pc is more flexible (and you can use all sorts of other lovely features not available on consoles), "gaming systems" are preferable for that very reason: they're made to play games. There's wider support, more variety, and the simple ease of use that comes with being able to pop in a disk, pick up a controller, and play (no installation, no hastle with mapping keys). When I want to use the 'net, listen to music, look at pictures, etc, I come to the pc. Games? Consoles, all the way.    

11:00 PM

Well, you're not playing on final hardware, for one. So no 4x AA. Second, these are demo builds, not final builds. They're getting pretty old at this point. And third, COD 2 looks like ass on the PC too, so I don't know what you were expecting. Those who have played PGR3, PDZ, etc, on recent builds on full spec hardware have seen what the Xbox 360 can do. You on the other hand, have not.    

11:39 PM

You can all lick my hairy bean bag.
Suck on my bat and tongue my ring piece.

The 360 is just getting started.
Go and play with your PC's.............Alone again

< >

12:08 AM

I think it's ridiculous that PC gamers are talking trash about the 360's graphics and such. First of all, realize that the 360 costs $300-$400. How much do you think the bloggerss computer cost that runs at 3ghz 1.5 gb Ram and a 6800 GT ultra? The graphics card alone can cost somewhere around $200-$300, and the PC will be outdated and need to be upgraded in a few years as well. PC gamers are just jaded that they spent an incredible amount of money to play the same games that will run almost as good for only a fraction of what they paid.
Also, all 360 games are supposed to have anti-aliasing, so all the "jaggies" he's complaining about shouldn't even be an issue in the final product.    

1:43 AM

he speaks of jagged lines ect, £100 says the noob who cant write english didn't have a HD tv, go spend some REAL money and play it like its ment tobe you cheap foriegn twat. P.s go back to school    

2:07 AM

I have seen what the first xbox could do with a simple
733MHz celeron
Nvidia 4th gen chip
and some of those games are stunning. If you were to compair it to a PC counterpart with that same hardware I'm sure you would see a huge difference, the PC would Blow ass. Not to say that PCs arn't nice but I'm sure without a doubt that 360 will showcase its stunning graphics soon.

I'm not sure about PS3 or Revolution, I love the supersmash brothers nintendo franchise and Mario 128 always had me exided even though it was never released. Sony hmmm I played the Grand Turismo for PS1 It was fun but I don't think I missed out by not buying a PS2.

I think this time more than ever its anyones game, I mean PS1 was one of the biggest reasons why PS2 was so populare and now I think its a little late for Sony to keep riding on those old coat tails.

Will Nintendo bring back there gory days? Will Sony finaly eclipse PS1? Will Microsoft form another monoply? Only time will tell I hope it is exiding for customers. I have a strange feeling that if Nintendo loses this one they won't make another system again, kinda sad considering they'er like the grand daddy of gaming companys. The word Nintendo means "Leave it to Heaven" so I guess this time around the companys fate is left to a higher source.    

3:52 AM

The advantage of consoles is that a gamedeveloper only has to consider one system;He knows what videocard he's programming for, how much memory is available, what soundcard will produce the noise. This way a good programming team can get optimal performance out of a console after gaining enough experience.

None of you could have posted here without a PC I guess. Most games at the moment I play on a PC and not because they look better(I preferably put a lot of details low to let it run smoothly) but because I like a mouse for accuracy and a keyboard for the numbers of,yep you got it, keys on it.

Goldeneye changed(or should have) changed the face of multiplayer shoot em up on a console. Some of my best hours were with 3 other hyperactive friends in my livingroom, no doubt about it. Also the single player game was so bloody good, my favourite conversion to game from film hands down. You know how big that game was? About 19 MB's!(well at least the rom was (A)) Well, they stole my N64, guess I'd still play it once in a while otherwise. Perfect Dark was fun, although it couldn't handle a lot of the 2 player action because of some bad programming I guess..(it actually slowed down till you'd cry). Playing soccer/footbal/voetbal(in real life!)with 22 lads I'd consider more social than playing a game inside, but hey, I am hooked to all of it.

My opinion about the Xbox, got some great games, shame microsoft had to buy all the talent for it..

Please square-enix stay loyal to nintendo and PS.

Kid A    

4:12 AM

I am giving a totally non bias evaluation here.I decided to do some research!!! The xbox "demos" in NY and everywhere else i suppose but NY for sure cuz i live there are in FACT
Retail Box fully working retail to be givin to manengers of the company along with COD2..Ask any Ebgames maneger or gamespot that promote xbox 360 commercially....
They are 100% working systems.Not downgraded in anyway.
I dont think pcgamers are trying to bash 360.. I think in general they are just dissapointed with the fact they were looking forward to a kickass new system and have been let down by microsoft.I mean pcgamers play on consoles too dont forget. Polls show that pcgamers ussually have 1-2 competing consoles anyway.
Sadly, after playing the "RETAIL BOX" Ill say it again.... RETAIL BOX Xbox360
And me being a console gamer ,I think we all need to stop trying to convince ourselves that this is the "next big thing" Its a step forward but not LEAP.
Xbox 360 is a dissapointment in general
IMHO but im sure it will be the best console out of the next gens at least I hope!


4:17 AM

And another one :)

another dissapointed console gamer what a suprise.
Nice Job Microsoft    

4:20 AM

some noob was talking about some guys pc having to be upgraded in a few years well WHAT THE FUCK do you think is gonna happen in a few years with these "next gen" consoles. they are gonna make new and better ones and if YOU want to stay up to date you'll have to buy the new one and waste like another 500$.    

5:14 AM

Consoles and PC's are entirely different machines. Consoles are designed for games. PC's are designed with multiple purpose. I own both a PS2 and a PC (X800XT 256MB/3.2GHz P4/1GB RAM)and to be honest, consoles won't ever keep with the graphics of PC's, simply because they can't be upgraded like PC's can. That said, It's not just about visuals, it's about gameplay. I see many console games, usually based on movies *sigh* that are AWFUL to play and buggy too. PC games tend to be more 'thought out' and just generally programmed/designed alot better. Hopefully the new generation of console hardware will bring PC quality games to the console.. but we'll see... How many games on PC can you just pick up and play with a friend in the living room?

new consoles come out every few years.
new pc hardware comes out every week.

nuff sed.

I play my PS2 more than my PC.. despite my PC being technically superior.. why? because it's more fun.    

5:55 AM

Read this review of COD2 on the XBOX360 and make your mind up when the console gets released.

I personally have played on both finished products and find them virtually the same.    

8:31 AM

The reality is the people who bitch the most about consoles are the ones who spend X amount of dollars on their PC and want to tell themselves they don't need a 360, and visa versa. Speaking to the 'true' gamers here: if we all had millions of dollars we'd have every console on launch day, as well as the fastest computer on the market, and you know it.

The 'real' difference between the 360 and PC are the games. Quake 4? PC. Kameo? X360. World of Warcraft? PC. Madden '06? X360!!

Catch my drift?

Stop complaining and buy the setup which offers the GAMES you want to play.    

12:46 PM

I'd rather play Quake 4 on the 360, and if World of Warcraft ever came out for it, I'd play that on there too, even though it may be a little awkward for controls, the 360 kicks my computers ass.

"some noob was talking about some guys pc having to be upgraded in a few years well WHAT THE FUCK do you think is gonna happen in a few years with these "next gen" consoles. they are gonna make new and better ones and if YOU want to stay up to date you'll have to buy the new one and waste like another 500$."

Duh and duh. I wrote that in response to someone complaining that consoles only last a few years. In a few years, if I have to buy a new console at $500 or so, think of what the PC gamer has to spend to keep up. If someone buys a pc at $1500, me buying a console now at $400 and one later at $500 is still cheaper than his initial investment, and I'm keeping up to date with things. So do the math and figure out that you're the noob.    

4:29 PM

First thing I'd like to say is that a lot of the people who posted here are total n00bs. A handful of you have been intelligent and tried to mediate, but the masses remain ignorant. From everything I have heard, the PS3 will own the the b0x. They are releasing later than the b0x because they are working hard(and have been since the PS2 released) to make a their system ownz, and it will. I'm not a fanboy, I own a PS2, an Xbox, and a PC that could make many of you cry. Of the 3, I go back and forth in what I play. PC will always have the best graphics, as has been said, and Xbox will run Halo, and Revolution will run some of the most inovative stuff that we see, but up to this point, the most good games have been coming to Sony. Look at sales for the last generation and it shows. PS2 has been ahead by a wide margin, then the cube, then the box trailing behind. Frankly, I'm just going to sit here with my PC for a while, because the 360 has nothing to attract me at the moment. I didnt get an original box until Halo became a sensation, and I didnt suffer any. I will probably buy a PS3 when it comes out, assuming it doesnt look disappointing too, and if it does, I will wait for the Revolution, barring a disaster of 3 launches, I will just wait until one of them starts cranking the good games and buy it(for the record, with my own money, just like my PC, none of that crying to momma bullshit that some people claim is done by eather side). Also, one thing that has been bugging me is that people are actually arguing about the screen size shit. The whole "console people split screens with bud, computer people have a screen to themselves alone in their moms basement" thing is bullshit. Obviously neather side of the fence has ever heard of a LAN party. Round up a few TV's or round of a few computers, doesnt really make a differance. It all boils down to the games, as usual. I host LAN parties all the time, computer or console is usually decided by what we want to play. I suggest no one run for a 360 now because there isn't any point. Do your wallet(or your mom) a favor and wait for a price drop and some quality games.

Anyone who would like to challenge me,
Bring it, bitches. ^^    

10:12 PM

You all clearly aren't very smart. First off no one ever promised any console to be better than the PC. However I'd much rather be sitting playing with my friends in the same room than be playing with some guy I don't even know. Half the games on PC you can't even use a mic. Pluss, how many games on PC can you have 1 friends list to all your games? Exactly 0! How many PC games can you even talk in the mic? I recall Quake 4 screwing that one up. Pluss Halo 3 will own all your stupid Counterstrike wanna be games. And any game converted from PC to console sucks, likewise the other way around. Therefore, don't give me that crap. Notice how Counterstrike was better for PC, Halo was better on console, and Grand Theft Auto is 10X better on console.

Besides, with MIcrosoft doing a price cut and releasing Halo 3 at the launch date of the PS3 you can say Microsoft has the cards stacked against them. Also Microsoft has gotten more Japan developers to sign with them and are pushing for more games they'd be interested in to boost sales in Asia.    

12:22 PM

I'd like to say just a few things

1. PS2 had a worst launch lineup then this and look at them now (The only great launch in the last gen was the Dreamcast)

2. I like playing physical friends over playing anonymous people on the internet. Then I can play friends from a distance while away from school
Also I believe there are more talented people developing for the consoles, more PC companies are starting to be swayed to bringing their games over IE Valve

3. 2 brings up the point that, there isnt no games coming in the launch that utilize 16 link play, big dissapointment especially from Perfect Dark

4. Why do you people buy at launch if youre going to bitch so much? TRY WAITING for the games you want    

1:08 PM

I'm from the uk and own an xbox which i bought upon release selling my ps2 to fund it : )
I was very pleased as the xbox was technically a better machine and was aimed at my age group (20-30).
Unfortunately i think the reverse will be true this time due to the early release of Xbox360 : (
I have also read that the ps3 will be using blu-ray, i am just guessing here but i don't think it will due to the fact that its been established that HD-DVD will be the next standard and you cant yet get a player to read both blu-ray and HD-dvd as they need different lasers to read each of them. (which is why x360 decided not to go for that format).

There's really no need to insult one another, everyone here knows that the ps3 will be better in terms of the hardware but will it win in terms of mutimedia support and variety of games/gameplay ???
no-one here knows end of story.....    

3:56 PM

Since when has a processor ever affected graphics? Frame rate, yes, smoothness, yes, but not graphics. That's all in the video card. The only reason 3 processors are needed is for physics modelling and vast amounts of AI in large maps. The whole reason Video cards and VPUs EXIST is to handle all graphics, its not the processor's job.

Oh, and about playing with friends on a PC, there are these programs out there that allow you to use a mic over an internet connection, whether a game supports it or not. i.e. teamspeak, ventrillo, skype, AIM or Yahoo or ICQ or MSN or Trillian or any other IM voice chat will work even.

Oh, and PC gamers who buy a $1500 computer every 2 years are dumb@sses. Most PC gamers know how to upgrade 1 piece at a time, manually. 512MB of RAM is $60, and it takes $0 to install it yourself. Can you install RAM into a 360? Can you even upgrade it? ...didn't think so. Also, PS3 overheats like a mofo.    

4:16 AM

im a UK based developer for a major company that im not going to name as i would like to keep my job i will say though that the demos and the release games are all going to be at least a year old and its going to another year befour people like me work out the best way to use the kits we get (and the constant upgrades to the kits)until any of the games will look like a next gen console the same can be said for the playstaion 3 and the revoultion.As for console Vs PC well PC is always evolving and the major players at SONY are alreay working on playstaion 4 so it come down to personal taste    

7:30 AM

The PS3 will be much better than the XBox360 in terms of hardware just look uop the stats on it. Couple that with the fact that Xbox is a PC derivative and that PC software developers are just fuging lazy. When they wanna improve a game all they do is use better hardware and expect the sucker in the street to cough up. Sony have mangaged to stay in competition in terms of performance with the PS2 when it is weaker in specs to the XBox. This time around the Sony will be better and you can expect a lifetime of around 10 years for it. As has been shown the games will get better throughout the lifecycle as the code gets tighter. I aint no fan boy either way I got a top spec PC , modded xbox, PS2 , and Acer Ferrari laptop, and I KNOW games.    

6:50 PM

Although I love video games, I'm usually poor so I don't have any ps2, xbox or cubes, nor do I have a good PC. My PC is five years old and it sucks but it runs CS, which is one of the BEST games ever. :) Anyways, the point is, there is no point and I'm just bored and I have a PSP which by far I find the most attractive because it can almost play PS2 quality and graphic wise game play along with music and movies. Still, let the XBOX 360 be, and let the PC be. Btw, for those comparing the XBOX360 to the PS3, i heard the PS3 was gonna be like 800 cdn while the Xbox is only 500 cdn...    

3:22 PM

Look, just play the damn games, just because it's graphics aren't quite as good as a £1500 PC doesn't mean it's a bad console, it's the games that count. Sheesh.    

5:42 PM

Wow, amazing to see so many losers and fanboys posting and no nothing at all.

FYI, many demos dont have AA on, why because they are early builds before framerate issues are resolved.

Number two all you people that say computers are faster.

Not 3 processors running ar 3.2 hz, sorry but that blows any computer away.

ATI graphics chip is not a x800 chip, its a next generation chip that is not even available on the pc yet.

And lastly you take the graphics and sound and you take away any bottleneck pipelines and you got one very fast machine.

Right now no consumer computer can even come close to the 360, maybe not for about a year.

This is do to all the dedicated processors.

PS3 will be very fast, maybe more maybe not, but as of now it may price itself right out of the market, they are talking about 600 bucks US right now, well sorry most parents will beat their kids if they ask them to spend that much on a console.

Nintendo has already failed, dumbest controller in the history of games.    

10:51 PM

i have seen the demo 360's at wal-mart and best buy etc and compared to playing it on my pc on a 7800 gtx 2gigs ram with an amd 4000+ it just makes me shrug my shoulders and say well... the graphics are close but obviously crappier and hey can't i already play these games on the pc!? the problem isn't so much the graphics but the 360's games are gonna be like 50% pc ports as we see on the demo's, and you can't be surprised when it is a machine made by microsoft. I'm not really a pc gamer either though i just wanted my pc to be undoubtedly vista proof. pc games are cool but i will be in line for the ps3! badass game console and a next gen blu-ray player ... sounds like a steal to me, all gaming aside ps3 will be a success just cause it plays blu-ray, to how many people was the ps2 their first dvd player... i rest my case.    

11:04 PM

a high end computer will still be better than an xbo 360, srry, I'm an nvidia certified system builder and I have seen high end computer systems and have been play-testing the 360 through our previous microsoft partnership for months now, the xbox 360 is a very powerful machine and will undoubtedly outsell the PS3 due to it's much easier dev tools, which means games are basically 100 times easier to make for an xbox 360 than ps3. I prefer PC to console, but the xbox 360 is definitely going to be under my christmas tree for the kids, right... lol, u guys have fun.    

11:28 PM

So, any one play PGR3? Is it any good? I have not been able to play a 360, from the screens and vids it looks awesome. A port demo? That’s all you got to diss it? Im sure there are no other compete crap demos out there, that never happens...

Personally I think if think the 360 sucks and you have not plaid a retail game, your only trying to find a way to ruin it for the rest of us, but I have not ordered one yet I plan on testing it first. After reading this I see nothing creditable.    

9:57 AM

What a warzone this has become! Well, feel free to write your own reviews on the console and its games here:


10:12 AM

Here are my thoughts about the console wars. Personally I think microsoft made a mistake by putting the xbox 360 out in the market early. I do plan on buying the ps3 before I buy a xbox 360. Anybody who could dare argue with me that the specs on the xbox 360 is better than any computer is retarded and saying that shows their ignorance. I have had it happen to me that some idiot told me that the xbox 1 was better than a desktop computer which most of us should no is well stupid to even say. Now lets get some people to talk about the revolution roflcopter was a train wreck it will be.    

1:03 PM

i dont see why people want to attack the xbox 360. what is it that microsoft actually promised you? i never saw a press conference that said 360 will beat pc games, they are a totally different market. microsoft is making a revolutionary system that can connect with pcs in terms of media content and play games. and to everyone that says they played it and it sucked, where did you play it, wal mart? on a 20 inch standard def tv? i played 360 at e3 in may on 50 inch plasma, and it blew away anything i have ever seen.

i just think alot of you knocking something that hasnt come out yet is crazy, especially saying it will suck when it costs 400 dollars. so what if pc is better? i have friends who have better graphics cards, and i have just as much fun playing games on my pc as they do.

try buying a 400 dollar pc, rather a 400 dollar graphics card and have it have as much capabulity as 360. 400 for a graphics card? i bet some of you asses are ignorant enough to even spend that much for one of these new cards from ati or nvidia. but the people looking forward to 360 are the stupid ones right?    

7:35 PM

Sorry, I really want to laugh at whoever said "the display 360s only have one processor installed", the 360 runs 3 3.2GHz cores, and games are using all three of those cores for different things, so if it only had one "processor" (by this i assume you mean core) installed then the games wouldn't actually function anyway.    

10:47 PM

lets get a few things straight. there are a lot of factors that go into a good gaming experience, and one of those things is the abilities of the hardware itself, and that is what we should be disgussing in regards to the 360 or ps3 or whatever. either good games will be created or not, so right now all we can make judgments on is the estimated capacity of the systems. we know what the 360 has in it so we know theoretically what it can do. any particular game will not be meaningful until we see a groiund breaking game, presuming they will eventually make one. people focus far too much on hardware these days. a video card upgrade is meaningless unless it actually allows creative game developers to produce something new that actually does something with the new technology that wasnt possible before. when an upgrade means a prettier version of the old (which is almost all i have seen since ps1 times) then it isnt that great of an upgrade as far as the end result is concerned. the things that made half life 2 revolutionary at all (and i dont even think it was that great of an advancement) were things like better AI, physics engines, and strategic objectives that actually took genuine advantage of the technology upgrades. we know very well that the xbox 360, ps3 or a particular pc can do so and so, but what we dont know is what game companies can dow ith the upgrades, and it will be that which determines what system provides more entertainment.
as far as the demos go, lets be fair, a port over of any kind is simply not a good basis for judgment. it is a game that has been designed for some time now and clearly doesnt take advantage of anything unique in the technology. i want to see what can be done in the long run with these new technologies. i think that post ps1, no systems have been used to their maximum capacities (certain aspect of them may have been as far as raw processing power, etc., but not overall good game potential). you even find some pc games that drain your ram like crazy but arent even impressive at all. this is not an upgrade, this is adding in a few more textures or polygons to make things already designed look a little better. the fact of the matter is, we are pushing hardware too quickly. game companies cant keep up because they need a decent amount of time to produce a good polished game and that time alone is too much to keep up with hardware upgrades. they never know what they are dealing with unless it is with a console, and that is why we see much better games by the end of the life of consoles. i want game developers to be saying to themselves, "what can we do with this new hardware that was previously impossible, even in mere concept?" if this is not what we get, then the new system was not necessary. video card companies are notorious for releasing new models that add nothing but a few new direct x features that dont make the games better at all. this is useless. give me a new card when you have half produced games that truly take advantage of that card beyond a slighly better looking water surface or texture layout.
i've been disapointed with game development for some time now and i dont see it ending any time soon. i am simply not impressed with better graphics anymore and will not be satisfied until i can do something that feels like a truly new experience. i would say the only real improvement in this respect would be the rise of games involving massive worlds with many characters roaming in them at once over the internet in persisting and changing environments (such as everquest or whichever you like). i may be wrong, but i honestly cant remember one true advancement in video games in the past approx 7 years besides this that allowed a truly new and unique gaming experience.
we know the systems can do a lot, infact we know they can do things that we dont know about yet because they have yet to be fully utilized. what we must count on is good games and i dont see them getting much better than they are now any time soon (they wont get more than superficially better anyway). i think what we should be doing is developing game concepts first and then as we work on the games we should then attempt to bring the technology of the hardware to the point of being able to match the standards set by the in-progress games. if we arent pulling up hardware to meet new theoretical gaming concepts, then what are we upping it for? hardware generally can only improve upon itself by multiplying its own pre-discovered abilities because it doesnt know what it will be used for besides what it has been designed for. in other words, upgrades to video cards generally comes in the form of superficial improvements to pre-existing technology (more pipelines, more transistors, etc.) that allow say larger environments or more characters on screen, but do not specifically allow for entirely new game concepts. they cant be designed this way because they do not know what they are to meet up to. what they do know is how to improve what they already have, and thus all we will get is better versions of what we already have. i want a car that goes faster with the same horse power, not just a car with better horse power. before massive online games, the big improvement was the cross from 2D to 3D gaming. remember when they tried to improve games with 2D graphics that had 3D looking rendering? it seemed cool at first but we soon found that it didnt really allow for anything new. this is what is happening now, but at a different level. for now i think we will just have to be happy with quasi improvements to games that are already good. maybe eventually the hardware will just force new game concepts because it will get soo good that the new abilities will just become obvious. who knows. anyway, thats my 2 cents.
as for the console battle, i would go with ps3 only because they tend to draw better games overall. but it seems that more and more the games are just overlapping even with pc.
one thing that consoles have going for them is that their price is nearly worth the raw computer components as far as my limited knowledge tells me. 3 decent 3ghz chips? that is rather impressive alone. add in the ram and video card and other small time components and it quickly adds up to around the retail price of the xbox360. you cant beat that, even with pc hardware. but like pc gamers say, they can buy and sell and upgrade while consoles cannot. ultimately concoles are cheaper assuming that no pirating is happening for either case. and although pc game developers do a decent job of making their software backward compatible with surpassed hardware, what is nice about consoles is that the game developers have a good long amount of time to fully use up what they know will be the standard for a given system.
on a final note, i just must say that i havent looked up much demo stuff for the new systems, but i thought mgs3 preview looked fantastic. it only really showcased better graphics, but i just know that they will do something at least sonewhat inovative with metal gear, they always seem to so far, besides the add ons like VR missions etc.
also, i know this is the place, but i would like to gripe about controllers in general. can someone for once spend a good decent amount of time designing a controller that actually allows proper control of new game environments? so far there has been nothing that allows for proper control in a 3D environment. but i wont go into this.    

12:09 AM

honestly everyone needs to shut the f**k up. i mean i have a "high end" pc and i pre-ordered 360 not because of graphics but because of the games. plus sometimes i like to stray away from keyboard and mouse but i evenly play on console and pc and it doesnt matter if pc has better stuff. the thing that people dont like about pc's is the constant need to upgrade so you can play that new game that needs a more demanding video card or a faster cpu or more memory, with a console its cheap and you never really have to upgrade anything unless its something like a hard drive etc. and another reason why alot of people would rather play on a console is one, they dont have a job because their either too young or too lazy to get one so they just wait until christmas in hopes to scrape up enough money for that new console and maybe a new controller and a game or two. and secondly is because they have never had the joy of playing on such a high end pc.    

7:44 AM

Damn it ya'll just play the systems and have fun, Yes PC's will always out perform consoles due to the upgrade abilities. There is no question about that. People are so so stupid on this site, when the last gen system came out they were on the same level as pc's just as with this gen and the next gen and so on. After a year or 2 the pc's rise to become better than the consoles graphics wise. But as it seems, consoles are really turning more and more into minature pc's (ie removable hard drives, networking, usb ports, dvd...)    

8:25 AM

just a question.. i dont want to read so many comments so i dont know if someone asked, but has anyone tried it out and seen how the graphics are on a HDTV?    

10:45 AM

This is the first time I have posted to one of these discussions. I just want to list my thoughts and observations.

1.Most people (average gamer) really don't care about the specs of the systems

2.Most want fun games for a decent price

3.PCs are more powerful and upgradeable, but that is also one of their drawbacks
3.A. The reason it is a drawback is because most people want to be able to just pop a game in and play. They don't want to worry about if their system can handle the game or not. This is where consoles reign supreme, ease of use.

4.PC's are more susceptible to piracy. Most people will not mod their consoles, but Internet downloading is done by almost everyone, and cracks are easily found, and easily implemented. This makes consoles more financially viable for game developers.

5.All of the systems will have their strengths and weaknesses. Xbox online play, Sony Blu-ray, Nintendo kid friendly (and yes that does matter to some people).
5.A. Speaking of Nintendo, it seems wise that they have decided to stay out of “the horsepower wars”. They are going to try and make an affordable and fun system, at least that is what has been stated. This might allow them to regain more of the market, but only time will tell.

6.In the end get what you want it is your money. Competition is a good thing for all of us, it promotes better product and better price points.    

12:30 PM

Sony has always over promised and under delivered. Stands for Sony's business traits.

I am glad they are being sued by the Texas government. They should be sued by all states for taking consumers for granted.    

1:28 PM

ALL Xboxes only have 1 processor. It has 3 cores with hyperthreading, whcih makes 6 virtual processors. The display 360's have dumbed down hardware meaning it will look alot better than that on your 360, not to mention tweaking the display settings. The menu is also just a demo, virtually all of its features are removed.

It is the vendors choice what games they put in their demo machines. I have heard of stores putting both PDZ and PGR in their demo machines. Not to mention the games they do put in are OLD DEMOS, from a past version of the game to DEMONSTRATE it. They wont show you an entire game, it ruins the fun and it would kill the gaming industries reputation for surprises.

Anyone that buys a PS3 or is a fan of the PS2 is someone that does not know better. Either in not being very intelligent or just not doing any resarch. The Xbox360 has so much going for it in terms of Developer support, useability(PS3 is increadibly hard and expensive to develop games for, vs. the Xbox Development Kit(XDK)). The xbox/360 also has increabile services such as xbox live that dominate so much, especially since sony announced they wont have a unified online service at all. Finally, you dont fuck with Microsoft. Nuff said. (for those of you who dont understand, money = they can loose as much as they need to, to ensure they dominate sony and any competition).

Note: ALL Xbox 360 Kiosks/Displays have a Samsung High Def TV(LN-R238W). What you see is full 720p.    

2:49 PM

Why cant people just respect other peoples opinions and why does everyone seem to think they and only they are right. Theres nothing innately horrible about any of the systems, the PS3 will be more graphically powerful, end of that story. As has been said, it all boils down to who has the best games, and historically, thats been Sony.
Now, against my 'why cant we all just get along attitude, this guys... omg...
"Anyone that buys a PS3 or is a fan of the PS2 is someone that does not know better. Either in not being very intelligent or just not doing any resarch."
Claiming that you know better than millions of people worldwide is probably the most supremely arrogant thing I have heard in a long time; like you have some special insight that the rest of us just lack and only you, and those who agree with you, can see the light. Your not Jesus, get off your high horse. Sony has not, and I doubt will ever be able to put up as good of an online system as Microsoft, but since they finally gained support for several controllers, I couldnt care less. If I want to play online, I'll use my computer. Also, the 'you dont fuck with microsoft' comment is the most ignorant thing I've heard all day, and, not suprisingly, it came from the idiot who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. Our whole bloody country is founded of free enterprise and competition. We're capitalists, not communists. Smarter people than you realised a couple hundred years ago that if busines' have no competition, they control the price and everything about a market. Its called a monopoly, say it with me kids, monopoly. Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave from the dildo you just stuck up his ass(for those of you who eather havent had or slept through US history, TR was known for breaking up monopolies because at that period in history, they were WAY bad, especially with the railroad. Railroad Co.(1900)=Microsoft(Modern day) ). You shouldn't claim a product is superior just because of the company that makes it, because that makes you a mindless fanboy consumer. People like you are the ones who let Microsoft get the attitude that if they bury enough of their problems with money, the world will be a better place. Idiot.    

4:23 PM

Yeah, I played the 360 in the demo kiosk at a gamestop and found the demos graphically were sub-par. As well my expectations were hit hard and now it all hinges on the possibility that pgr3 and pdz will show off the graphical power of this system.    

7:34 PM

The PS3 will rip the Xbox 360.    

10:33 PM

3 words and a number.

Metal Gear Solid 4.    

11:31 PM

are all of you people comparing a 400$ console to computers that have video cards that cost more than that???!!enoff said. whole system for 400$ compared to a 1k-2k $ system...seriously which one do you think will be better?    

1:15 PM

eye karnt beeleeve the spellink of sum peepul on this foorum. yoow wud fink they had neva beeyn to skewl.

By the way, I was taking the piss with that sentence. People are happy go flaming others and saying they can't review when they don't even have a grasp of basic english themselves.    

4:30 PM

This was my impression also after playing the COD2 360 demo, and having played through most of it already on the PC at only 1024 resolution to boot.

I have no doubt that the 360 is and will be capable of much more impressive graphics, but it sure makes me glad I didn't pre-order one. I will probably stick with my original plan and wait unti a few months after the PS3 lauch, evaluate both consoles then and decide.    

4:33 PM

well the 6800 does NOT cost more than that, in fact COD2 runs at a great frame-rate (60-100 FPS) on my system with a $136 Geforce 6600GT in it. In fact, my entire PC cost about 500-600 to build.

I am not, in any way, a PC fanboy, I play both XBOX and PC avidly and love them both.    

5:47 PM

95% of the people who just left a post here are fucking pathetic. Look at what you just wrote before you post morons.    

8:42 PM

play any game on a low quility tv and its not very hard to be unhappy. Try this. play the system on a 24' and above hdtv on 1080i and try not to be impressed. pc monitors are all hd, thats why pc games look so much better. Standard monitors are so much better quility then more peoples tvs..... Xbox 360 has impressed me every much, the in store tester does nothing compared to the full system on my 54' hdtv.    

2:33 PM

the pc gamers who slam consoles are just jealous that even though you play a console game your still more likely to get laid then if your a stupid @$$ computer jockey sitting in their room all day playing counter-strike and watching p0rn.. gj noobs and you can't even compare a pc to a console stupid noobs. yall need to learn to stfu its same things as buying a car. you buy the car you like for the stuff it has that you like. you buy the console you like for the games you like. biased ass noobs get off the computer console games will always be better.    

10:23 PM

i for one, am a pc player, i own an xbox, a ps2, a gc, sega genesis, super nes, and an nes... i use the consoles for party's and hang outs, but when im really into gaming, pc is the only way to go. im sorry to all the console players but im not trying to put any of you down, but seriously... there is no need to put down the pc people... it was pc's that built your damn console if you know even the slightest about electronics and technology today. computers are what make all the console games too. you cant 'make' or 'create' something with a console. its a one time buy thing only. once it gets old, poof, thats it... and you have to buy the next gen thing. pc's run the numbers... console gamers ruin them. there will always be opinions on either 2 genre's. but the pc is, in my opinion, the winner in this account. in the pc world, there are infinite levels of customization with imagination. and im not talking just about 'modding' a case but within the o/s of a computer as opposed to a simple, click click of a game pad. to sum this up short, on a computer, the user has the power... on a console... the company has it. there are 2 sides to everyones say, these are my 2 cents.    

10:30 PM

lol, you know something thats really funny? people right now on here spend more time telling people to 'stfu' or whatever, than actually reading people's opinions... everyone is entitled to one, yes, but not everyone SHOULD BE A MORON AND SAY SOMETHING STUPID. this is a comment forum, not a damn debate. everyone should choose what they want and express themselves, not be put down by pre-macho 16 year olds... grow up.    

7:35 AM

*sigh* endless thread bashing and use of 'leet speek' :/    

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