Why the PSP is tanking

Like a lot of other people out there I was extremely excited about this platform when it first came out. I actually broke one my own personal rules and went to Wal-mart the day it came out because I knew they still had them. And like every other new platform there has been the dreaded post launch dry spell for games. Many of the release titles where pretty good; Wipeout, Lumines and Hotshots golf are all decent games but none of them are what you would call killer apps. Now, several months in we are starting to see the second wave titles and guess what….they suck. I even convinced myself to buy Dead to Rights after reading negative reviews because I wanted it to be good so badly (it was returned after less then ½ a day). I will not even begin to discuss my disappointment with Coded Arms. Now, reviews for Death Jr. are coming out http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/920140.asp and it feels like a punch to stomach. The Christmas line up shows no glimmers of hope either. Although, I did briefly enjoy the Firmware 2.0 web browser, its memory issues make it nearly useless. All of this started to make me think that, now would be a good time to trade my PSP in at EB and at least get some of my money back (they are currently offering 170 in trade). I just happened to be at EB yesterday afternoon and brought this up with my inside guy there. As a subtext if you can get through the corporate policy BS and get to know an EB sales rep they are a wealth of information. So I causally asked him if they have seen a lot of PSP trade ins lately. I was not surprised to find out that they had seen a 30% increase in trade ins on the handheld and that a large number of people are rolling the money over to credit on an Xbox 360. So to wrap this up, get rid of you PSP as soon as you can, since the amount of cash you can get back goes down when the amount of returns goes up.

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I've recently re-purchased one after selling mine the first time. I purchased it, not for the games, but for the other media options available for it. With the addition of the browser, I find it even more useful. What about the upcoming keyboard support, would that help?    

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Trade it in and get a Nintendo DS. I know that it does not have the best graphics but the games are really cool.
The even have a game thats like 'Lumines', its called 'Meteos'. I like it better because it uses a touch screen.    

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I bought my PSP a couple days after it came out, and I think it's amazing. At some times the graphics can be better than X Box or PS2. Do you know that the X Box 360 will be compatible with the PSP? The Nintendo DS is way behind Sony in systems right now, and I don't see them catching up. I agree with you, Coded Arms was a disapointment to me. The graphics are good, but you feel like you are playing in the same level each time you play it. I would have kept my PSP if I were you. The Internet is sweet!    

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