Observations on Live Action Role Playing

Let me start by saying there is something great about a person or a group of people who are secure enough in their own skin to go out and do something truly uber nerdy (like live action role-playing) and not care who knows about it. I could never do this my self. And to put pictures of it on the web for the whole world to see, that takes gonads of steel my friends. That being said, after I found the page from where these pics came, I was filled with an inner light and a new sense of self-confidence. Why? You ask, well because now I know no matter what sort of ass I make of myself or how gushy I might get over a new video game I will always know that I can never be the biggest nerd on the planet. These people already hold that title, and they are awesome.

The calm befoe the storm....

Worst goblin....ever

One breast plate size fits all..my ASS.

No caption I could ever write could make this pic any better.

Did they lose a bet?

I said no PICKLES bitches, you know the dark lord hates pickles.

Is this the newest look for Slipknot?

Hmm, maybe there is something to this roleplaying stuff after all.

This is just a small fraction of the treasure trove I found. Hit the link below if you want to browse the rest. I warn you though, I am still looking through all of these. They are kind of like crack that way.

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