Everything you need to know to make it in Information Technology

This article is written to share everything I know about surviving in IT a field that I have been working in for 5 years. It’s not meant to tell you how to get a job, that’s a whole subject in itself. This is a guide for holding on to your job once you gotten one. IT has notoriously high rates of both burn out and turnover. I have seen more then a few co-workers either driven out or just out right fired for incompetence. Maybe they never belonged in their jobs to begin with or maybe they just did not know how to properly cover their own asses. This is something I have mastered…..

Part 1 How to not look stupid

Google is you friend, maybe your only friend when your swimming with back stabbing sharks. Never ever, ask a coworker (either above or below you) a question about something you should know until you have spent more then 30 minutes trying to find it on Google. If you have been looking on google for a while and you still can’t find the answer to an issue, you’re probably not asking the question in the right way. Reword it and try again.

If you’re getting into subject matter that you’re not strong in, avoid communicating with your peers or managers in person or on the phone. Use email, it will slow the process down enough to give you a chance to google terms and ideas your not the familiar with. With a little effort you can go from the noob in a team to the subject matter expert. You always want to be the subject matter expert.

Part 2 How to deal with a question or issue that you have no idea how to answer

So what do you do when you have been blindsided by a question from a user or your boss that you just can't answer. You want to avoid saying “I don’t know” at all costs. There are many good responses you could use, but I have selected my 3 all time favorites. I have also included visual aides to make the body language you should be using clearer. Just like they say you should smile when on phone interview or if your working in a member services capacity because it conveys its self in your tone of voice; you should physically act these out so you sound sincere over the line.

1) Huh, That’s weird.

This works particularly well with users, because every user wants to feel special. They want to believe that fact that they can’t figure out some simple stupid little thing out for themselves is the computers fault not their own.

2) Freakin Microsoft!!!!

This works well because every one hates Microsoft; you can blame them for almost any issue. This is also handy for venting your anger at the user in an indirect way that won’t get you escorted out the building.

3) That Bill Gates, he got us again or We can thank old Bill Gates for this one.

This is similar to the last one, but focuses more on building a kinship with the user. It plays into the idea that we are all at the mercy of technology. Sometimes we just have to accept the fact that computers are designed by people (and all people are flawed) and therefore we just have deal with the fact they don’t always work the way we want them to. Unless you have a Mac. All joking aside they way to make a go of it in IT is to know your shit and to work hard. If you want to get ahead, read at least one computer realted book a month and build your own test network at home. IT is still a great field to get into despite the users.

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Blame Microsoft - HA! This is a very common one. The article and photos are a great read.    

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lol.. i agree    

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Excellent "secret" info and love the photos!    

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