Christopher Walken 2008 is a Hoax

When I first stumbled on this site I have to admit I was excited about it. I have no idea where Mr. Walken stands on the issues that are important to me, but the thought of watching him mentally disassembling some other candidate in a debate is just thrilling. I don’t know if he would have a snow balls chance in hell but it would be fun to watch regardless. Unfourtanetly my skeptical mind took over and I felt the need to dig a little to find out if this was even for real or not. Here is why I believe this to be a hoax (although a really good one)

1)All of the images of Walken can be found on other websites. Most of them show up with simple a Google image search.

2)A who is look up returned the following data:

Administrative Contact: Strickland, Richard

PO Box 1180

Destin, Florida 32540

United States

Phone 8505478427

I tried calling the number several times to speak with the admin, the number has been disconnected. I doubt any legitimate web designer that was lucky enough to be contracted for such a major project would have a disconnected phone

3) The press release for this site states that a press conference was held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on August 9. I attempted to call the front desk of the hotel to confirm this. They would not to do so, but they did refer me to the PR section of their corporate offices. The fact that there had allegedly been a press conference and that the only mention of this announcement any where in the main stream news is linked to walken2008 site is very telling. The conference was held 2 days before the site launched, if it was real then I am sure we would have heard about it somewhere else in that time.

4) In the bio page there is a reference to the famous cow bell skit, to me this reeks of fanboyism.

Now, I could still be wrong, and this could be for real but I doubt it. Monday, I plan to call the IRS and see if there is any record of the non profit “Christopher Walken for President” that allegedly paid for the site. I am by no means a campaign finance expert but, to my knowledge such groups have to register with the government and that information should be public record. In closing I would actually would like to tip my hat to the hoaxsters involved. At first glance the site is rather convincing and actually had me for a second.

A tip of the hat to mrstbone9112 for this insightful post in the comment section. Please note, I have not been able to confirm this. But it sounds very legit.

mrstbone9112 said...

Just an FYI - any Presidential candidate or candidate for the US House or US Senate must register with the Federal Election Commission ( prior to accepting any contributions for their campaign. They should also register with the IRS for a taxpayer ID number. Walken's "committee" is not registered with the FEC or the IRS, so we can only conclude that this is a hoax. Furthermore, a presidential candidate who has an official website without any means to contribute $$ to their campaign is extremely questionable.

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1:56 PM

Sweeeeet! piece of work.Thanks for not letting me get my hopes of a brave new world up to high.    

6:30 AM

I can only hope that this is real, but the more and more I look into it, I see things that make me think that it isn't.

What shall we do?    

7:51 AM

Apparently, WorldNetDaily thinks this is real:    

7:52 AM

Here's that link again.    

12:34 PM

exquisite logic. as i said on another blog, there's something as inconsequential and unsubstantial as no way an actor announcing presidential candidacy and not have the press all over it like flies on natalie holloway.    

2:11 PM

You've made some good assumptions, but your evidence is circumstantial at best. I put a call into his publicist, and got her answering service. Someone will get back to me by Monday supposedly with a comment.    

4:17 PM

Okay... so... with some embarrassment I ask - If we were gullible enough to believe it and give this guy my email address and zip code while trusting in the goodness of people (idiotic of me, I know) what can I expect now?    

6:06 PM


You must be a fan of Lobo, no?

Now THAT would be a presidential campaign I could get behind...    

8:03 PM

As a matter of fact I did like the Lobo comics from the early 90's. I still have the button somewhere I think    

8:26 PM

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9:24 PM


6:14 AM

it's on the net, so it must be real ... now if this were a political compaign, I'd guess there would be a place they would solicit contributions. very humorous - especially how the news website picked up the "story".    

8:49 AM

I hope it's real, because I'd vote for him just to hear his speeches!    

11:54 AM


12:16 PM

GenMay 's thread...

yup, indeed a hoax.    

12:41 PM

Technicaly the IRS isn't a branch of the goverment, but I get what you are saying. Any legal charity fund would have to be registered with the IRS. If this is indeed a hoax (Which your very thought out resarch readily leads me to belive) it is very well done in design and excecution. No unneccasery or extravagant information.

Oh, and Cow bell has been noted by walken to be his favorite sketch with SNL.    

2:08 PM

I wish it were was enough to pull me from my political pit of depression.    

5:39 PM

Why in the world would you not see it as satire rather than a hoax?

Rember Pat Paulsen?


12:29 AM

In the movie Wedding Crashers, Christopher Walken's character is rumoured to be running for president, and even shows a picture of him in Time magazine with the headline indicating him running for pres.

I say this Walken 2008 thing is merely a tie-in to the movie reference.

Interesting though. :)    

7:26 AM

Write-in candidacy anyone?    

8:29 AM

Just an FYI - any Presidential candidate or candidate for the US House or US Senate must register with the Federal Election Commission ( prior to accepting any contributions for their campaign. They should also register with the IRS for a taxpayer ID number. Walken's "committee" is not registered with the FEC or the IRS, so we can only conclude that this is a hoax. Furthermore, a presidential candidate who has an official website without any means to contribute $$ to their campaign is extremely questionable.    

3:52 PM

Thanks for your insightful comments. I can't believe how this rumor took off. Wishful thinking I guess. ;-)    

8:36 AM

Being sponsored by a "gaming website" was a dead giveaway for me.

Chris Walken Acting Presidential    

4:46 AM

I just say that the Terminator made it to gouvenor so you may never know what comes next...

Keep up to good work! Enjoy reading you stuff!    

3:44 AM

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11:18 AM

Im routing for Walken, whether it's true or not... if it isn't I think he should seriously think about running!    

12:09 AM

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12:03 PM

Aside from the obvious reasons, if this were a real campaign there would be campaign shoots, not just B&W stills grabbed from the Walken archives.

HTTP Forums / W2C    

7:35 AM

Aside from everything else, there is this page on the website itself:

"Important Notice

Due to legal issues, it should be noted that this website in its entirety is a work of satire. Whether or not Christopher Walken runs for president, he has no affiliation with this site in any form.
We love you Walken! [M]"    

8:11 AM

There is something to be said about taking things too seriously. The walken site is a gag site. To illustrate my point check out General zod 2008.


6:12 AM

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10:34 AM

A simple Google search would have proved that it was a hoax.

You run a site called the Technologist and yet you have no idea what Gen[M]ay (the creators of this hoax) is. Anyone who knows the internet knows that there are well known and respected forums ([H]ardForums, Gen[M]ay, SomethingAwful, 4chan, YTMND) that should ALWAYS be checked when something on the internet smells fishy...

Silly technonoob. (this is a flame from the future :p)    

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10:19 AM

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