My humble vision for Ipod next

Steve Jobs made an honest music fan of me. Since iTunes was ported to Windows I have not stolen a single track. Its just so much damn eaiser to pay a buck and get a song thats properly labeled, sounds great and organizes itself for me. And, did you ever try to piece a whole album together off of Kazaa? So, it has been welll documented that the ipod+itunes is a huge runaway success and you know what I think they should do next? Kick the movie bizz in the pants, thats what. Imagine if you will, firing up iTunes and finding every movie blockbuster is supposed to have (but never actually does) waiting for you. I could only guess at pricing but lets say 10 dollars to own and 3 bucks to hold it for a couple days. Then you just drag and drop the evenings picture show over to your ipod, pop your precious out of the cradle and walk over to your regular old TV. Where you have another cradle waiting for you (or a couple lose cables if your cheap I am speaking directly to you here Chris), one cable from the back of the cradle runs to the audio in connector and the other leads into the video connector. Just find your selection from the ipods menu system and press play. Bam, your watching a new release and you didn't even have to burn fossile fuel or lose any hair follicles to do it. Of course getting a video adapter inside the iPod would be a challenge but who could tackle it better? After seeing an iPod photo set up to display pictures and stream audio in Compusa it seemed to clear to me that this is already the direction Apple is heading. I think it can't lose, they already have the infrastructure and the loyal user base. People hate blockbuster (their no late fee thing is a scam, read the fine print sucka) and while NetFlix is a cool idea its so damn slow. The world is ready for this, there is no good reason that in the digital age we should actually have to drive somewhere to watch a movie (legally at least). So come on Steve, make an honest movie fan out of me...I dare you.

P.S. Mr Jobs my karma thanks you in advance.
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1:49 PM

Great page !!! Greatings from Germany- Bottrop!!!    

10:34 AM

You mean, you still use Kazaa? Wow, you are sooo late. Ever heard of Bittorrent?    

11:09 AM

You mean you use Bittorrent? Ever herd of Newsgroups (with the help of    

11:20 AM

Eh, downloading full length movies would take way too long to be efficient.    

1:57 PM


I really think Apple has the backend to support this. There is already one site you can download whole movies from legally. I don't recall at the moment what its called, but anyways the point is the download took about 30 mins on a cable modem. And thats not bad when you compare it to the time it would take to drive back and forth from blockbuster or waiting 5 days for netflix.    

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